Introducing the poem "Confident soldier" by the poet Do Hoang

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Odiers over there battalions ?
Lots of people stand on the road
Tomorrow don't know where to fight
Certain people must die unjust!
Introducing the poem "Confident soldier" by the poet Do Hoang
Introducing the poem "Confident soldier" by the poet Do Hoang

Odiers over there battalions ?
Lots of people stand on the road
Tomorrow don't know where to fight
Certain people must die unjust!

Vietnamese modern literature

Do Hoang

Confide in the soldier
Poetry collection
Translation of meaning

Literary publisher in 1996
Writers Association Publishing House 2018 -  (republish)

Autumn rain

Rain suddenly withdraws
Leaves fly over the porch
Rustling bucket sound
As the season the water rises!

Startled cold wind
What reminds us?
The breath is strong
Night flying with many flowers!

The moon is not bright outside
Where are the flying guys?
Why silent grass?
Let the forest more deep!

All the heartbreak vague
Lightheadedly collected night
Rain outside and lost
A sad sound between the countryside!

Who loves this night?
Autumn is not coming back?
Who reminds our heart?
But remember the immensely!

Hundred years to forget?
Autumn is not coming back?

Forward hospital 44
September 1973

My AK gun

This AK gun, given to you by your teammates
I welcomed it with true love.
When you hold the gun, hold your chest across
I understand that I should live my life!

In those days the country was not peaceful
The departure was excited
I have both faith, dream
When putting the gun over his shoulder!

I know my homeland, my teammates look at me
Hear your whole body hot with guns
All eyes look in one direction
The other side reports hostile points

This AK gun, given to you by your teammates
I know the price of each bullet
My teammate has someone gone
Let me have the original gun!

Oh! All love
Oh! Appreciate!
I did not finish
Belief in love, my teammates send me!

I think my life is like a submachine gun
Anger turned into a bullet fired.
I am on the hot trench
When the enemy has not left my hometown

This AK gun, given to you by your teammates
I welcomed it with true love.
When you hold the gun, hold your chest across
I understand that I should live my life!

Peak peak of 176, the Vietnam-Laos border in 1972
Dat Tuan translated meaning (more)

The moment he wore the gun on his shoulder
As the moment the sky widens, the road grows longer
Is the moment of my heart  
Emerged into a fire storm shoot through the enemy posts!

When we have dreams Marching with his teammates!
I have the spring age
Keep the mountains and rivers peaceful for the homeland!!
The smell of gun strap is very fragrant
As the fragrance of the new book opening
There was Mother's hand on her shoulder
Looking forward to big, tall people like everyone!

At that time, The way to battle less ways back
The day I went to fight the enemy
Happy days of everyone back!

  Thuan Trach village, commune
My Thuy, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province
                      in 1971

Suddenly miss the distant lover
Suddenly miss the distant lover
That image is still in my heart!
Even in a drunken dream
Still looking at the clouds flying in the afternoon!

Mountain ball, mountain pass
The more you miss the lover far away!
Golden sand, blue sea, midday sun,
Green field memories of her childhood

Smile, eyes can not forget!
Thousand years of deep love
Now distant, miss the far away!
Vast mountains and rivers, vast sea and sky

My lover far away!
Even just a moment
Can't be relieved of nostalgia in the day of battle!
          Marching to Laos in March 1972

Old garden

Where was the moon color from before?
Used to shine on the pepper garden.
Where are the lobes of blue velvet
Joking with the afternoon sun!

Where's my picture?
Before leaving him.
Where are the intimate eyes now?
As if saying the earnest words.

Pause through the old way.
Where are you now?
The old garden is full of wind.
Vibrating vampire moon above!

The way I see you off
When he was in the army
Now deserted grass forest
Grass flooded the way.

There was a bird leaving the nest
The screams are very strong
The wind on the mountainside
Where does wandering fly?

Years buried in fire bombs
All danger is over
The old garden is still deserted
To fall the golden moonlight!

Quang Binh 1972

Looks for spring

Spring is definitely coming
The sky is cloudy.
Many gray clouds.
Going to change to green!

Afternoon wind makes the sun soft
Rain like chalk dust blurs the porch
Mountains sit beside standing mountains
Plants are also waiting on the doorstep!

Guys who go far are also looking for
I want to wait for the Lunar New Year
There are birds flying in the sky
Clear the dark cloudy sky!!

The girl used to know from the old days
Strange happy eyes!
Surely this spring they are
A very happy wedding day!

There is a sad boy
Just in the army returned.
Sadness yet drained shirt.
Poor country entrance!

All lifetimes
We are all looking forward to spring.
My heart is private.
Sad to follow east

         Spring 1974

Miss the way back

Years of distance, shape
Who gives you nostalgia?
Stirring all the time, the rain came this afternoon.
Who gave me a message about where you live?
Feelings through nine clouds!

Drops remember, heavy drops fall
The sound of a little splitting on the porch and wind
Want to be casual in silence
Vibrant immense

Separated thousands of hours, an hour to meet
Daydreaming through the cold months
Fly toward it.
Spring garden for me, do not fade!

Which black shirt do you wear?
Still here pictures of affection.
His heart burns secret things.
This rain, I will always remember you!

If you don't let the king last day..
About the boy far away.
Anh có đi cùng trời,cuối bể
I have to go with the sky, the end of the tank
Still returning to my heart!

The rain is still falling,
The wind is still sad
Heart still remember unfinished love
Years of separation
He looked to the sunlight at the end of the sky!

Peak 280 points, the Vietnamese border - Laos July 25, 1973

Please forget

Time has faded on soldier's clothes.
Sad life like gray clouds on the winter!
I did not send a message, my dear?
Which makes me busy separately!

Lazy wind between sunny afternoon sun.
Rain plays in orphaned bunches.
Plants stand in silence and sadness
The beautiful smile also turned far away

You do not know where my life drifted?
Painful heart destroys soul!
The day of the march sank in misery!
Withered soul moment of love!

She is  living happy new days.
Bright seasons on the horizon.
She must not let her heart touch
A little sad unjustified easy to fade!

She kept raising the dream she was living.
Do not remember the memories of grief.
She must not let little childhood love
Tell her sweet voices!

At some point, she still has memories.
Is she also brought her own hatred.
At some point her heart lingers.
Is she still anxious in the middle of the night pain!

He marched through narrow lives
Sunshine faded my heart's military uniform!
And her sir!
She do not regret it!
A guy in the life of a soldier!

Early June 1973

Pink shirt
Who goes under the ocean ball?
Who looked for him to love the beginning.
Who knew how far apart!
Pink shirt that day has faded colors?

When sad, I miss you happy
When sad, he remembered the white smile.
The immense hours away.
In the middle of my heart, there is my pink shirt!

       Le Ninh Farm 1971


Never mountain sleep!
Awake from the monsoon to the beginning of the rainy season.
Out of concern about sparse leaves
Wondering the summer afternoon sun burning branches

Out of worry away, all worry near.
One night, his turn turned to immature.
One thousand nights as a full wake.
Because around the bomb crater is full.

Silver euphoria mountain top today!
Tomorrow for millions of green trees!

      Laos battlefield in March 1972

Normal work for the soldier today
Sweat wet backpack toad.
The thirst to dry people when crossing hills.
Estimated now find the water bowl
Also wish nothing more.

Across B52 beach, the landscape is ruined.
Everyone froze when the sound of the plane came.
Extremely fearful, my close friend!

Strange, I forgot to thirst
Throw stems across the road to cross the slope.
And forget the heavy moments
Forget what to think, worry!

Behind the back is plain blue.
Everyone dreamed of their mother home
There is a dream of baby breathing
Let us set out with a belief.

The thirst, the pain, the ordinary life.
It is as important as bombs and bullets!
Suffering so much that never thought of.
Exhausted tired then laugh so much love!

Three times a month, we move the rice up
Go through B52 beach, through the enemy keep.
We keep latching on for many more years.
By ordinary simple jobs today!

Peak peak of 176, the Vietnam-Laos border in 1972


The cold wind was full of wind.
Bring cold numbness today!
In the afternoon, flying clouds closed.
Battlefield bullets tear, in this bomb dropped!

Sad life, so sad!
My beautiful eyes are sad too!

27- 12 - 1973

The scene printed on our eyes

Two women in Hanoi
Scramble for seats
Fight each other violently
The head is scalded with fresh blood

People running back
A flock of bad luck
A delinquent forest!

Hanoi, December 1973
(there's more)

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