Cha v?? con linh tr???n - Tr???n Kh???i

Nh?? th?? Tr???n Kh???i v???a ???????c Nh?? xu???t b???n H???i Nh?? v??n Vi???t Nam ???n h??nh t???p truy???n k?? " Cha v?? con l??nh tr???n" n??m 2018, T???p truy???n k?? ph???n ??nh m???t c??ch trung th???c cu???c s???ng h??n m?????i n??m chi???n ?????u m???t m???t, m???t c??n c???a Tr???n Kh???i ??? m???t chi???n tr?????ng v?? c??ng ??c li???t: B??nh ?????nh, Khu 5. Nhi???u truy???n ?????i th???c, vi???c th???c, ng?????i th???c h??o h??ng, oanh ki???t, nhi???u truy???n c???m ?????ng r??i n?????c m???t... T??c ph???m ???????c b???n ?????c nhi???t li???t ????n nh???n! Xin gi???i thi???u truy???n " H????ng qu??? Tr?? B???ng" c???a t??c gi???!
Cha v?? con linh  tr???n - Tr???n Kh???i
Truy???n K??                                   

 H????NG QU??? TR?? B???NG
             Tr???n Kh???i
T??i d???ng l???i, ????? m???t kh?? l??u tr??n trang m???ng c???a m???t ng?????i con g??i c?? c??i nick "H????ng
Qu???" d??? th????ng! C??i t??n nh?? tho???ng bay ra m??i h????ng th??m g???i nh???. C??i t??n l??m t??i b???i h???i,
nh??? th????ng day d???t v??? m???t k??? ni???m ng???t ng??o v?? cay ?????ng v???i ng?????i con g??i n??i mi???n t??y Tr??
Xanh, Tr?? B???ng n??m x??a ???y. L??ng r??ng r??ng, v??? ra nh???ng d??ng c???m x??c tu??n tr??o, k???t th??nh
v???n ??i???u. T??i d?? d???t comment m???y c??u th?? v??o trang m???ng c?? ???y:
 Ta nghe H????ng Qu??? th??m l???ng
N??n nao l???i nh??? Tr?? B???ng, Tr?? My
C??i ????m bom ?????n d???m d???
Qu??? ?????p m??? b???n ng?????i ??i kh??ng ????nh
Ta v??? mang kho???ng tr???i xanh
Mang theo H????ng Qu??? ng???t l??nh ???? em...
T??i b???n th???n v???i c??u h???i l???n v???n trong ?????u. H????ng Qu??? trong trang m???ng ???y l?? ai, m??
g???i nh??? da di???t, ??au ?????n v??? m???t H????ng Qu??? ???? ch???t tr??n vai t??i? M?? sao m??nh g??n g??n, c??? gan
l??m th?? cho c?? ???y v???y? C?? ph???i m??nh th???y ng?????i sang b???t qu??ng l??m h??? kh??ng? Hay ?????y l?? m???t
c??i g?? thu???c v??? t??m linh, kh??ng l?? gi???i ???????c, do ??m ???nh v???i H????ng Qu??? Tr?? B???ng n??m x??a?
Kh??ng bi???t n???a!  V?? cu???i c??ng c??ng bi???t, ???? ch??nh l?? th?????ng t??, ngh??? s?? nh??n d??n, ng??i sao ??i???n
???nh Thu Qu??? n???i ti???ng. 
Ch??? m???t l??c sau, t??i l???i nh???n ???????c nh???ng l???i h???i ??m c?? c??nh c???a Thu Qu??? qua tin nh???n
th??? n??y: "C???m ??n nh?? th?? - ng?????i l??nh Tr???n Kh???i, ???? t???ng Qu??? b??i th?? hay! V???n xu???t th??n t???
m???t ng?????i l??nh, n??n Qu??? r???t hi???u v?? r???t tr??n tr???ng nh???ng b??i th?? c???a l??nh. H???n anh ???? c?? nh???ng
k??? ni???m ?????p v???i ?????ng ?????i, v???i ai ???? n??i chi???n tr?????ng Tr?? B???ng m??u l???a n??m x??a? Em r???t mu???n
???????c g???p anh m???t ng??y g???n nh???t ??? th??? ???? H?? N???i, ????? nghe anh k??? v??? c??u chuy???n "H????ng Qu???
Tr?? B???ng" m?? anh c??? day d???t ??eo ?????ng m??i ho??i ???y..." Cu???i th??, Thu Qu??? c??n cho t??i c??? ?????a ch???
v?? s??? ??i???n tho???i c???a c?? ???y n???a.
T??i x??c ?????ng th???t s???, b???i c?? ng?????i ???? hi???u c???n k??? th?? m??nh. ????ng h??n l?? ???? ch???m ?????n,
v?? s??? chia ???n ???c s??u k??n trong cu???c ?????i ng?????i l??nh tr???n x??a. C?? ph???i c?? ch??t g?? t??m linh ??? ????y?
Hay H????ng Qu??? x??? Tr?? B???ng x??a, v???i Thu Qu??? ??o??n k???ch qu??n ?????i n??y, ???? nh???p h???n v??o
nhau? Hay trong t??i q??a s??u ?????m v??? h??nh ???nh c?? g??i c?? t??n H????ng Qu??? x???a Tr?? B???ng, ?????n n???i,
b??y gi??? c?? ai t??n Qu???, c??ng nh???m t?????ng? T??i v???n y???u b??ng v??a, hay g???p ?????ng ?????i n???m l???i chi???n
tr?????ng trong nh???ng c??n ng??? m??, n??n ????? nh?? v???y...
Ni???m tin m?? h??? v?? c?? ch??t linh thi??ng ???y, khi???n t??i x???p ba l?? v???t ??i ngay, d?? d???o ???? n???ng
nh?? thi??u nh?? ?????t, c?? ng??y l??n ?????n 38 - 40 ?????. Ra ?????n H?? N???i, v??? nh?? th???ng b???n l??nh Th??i V??n
Th??nh. T??i ??i???n tho???i cho Thu Qu??? ngay, v?? h???n c?? ?????n nh?? c???u Th??nh.
T??i ????n ???????c Thu Qu??? ??? ?????u ???????ng. ??i! T??i s???ng s???, kh??ng th???t n??n l???i! L?? em ?????y ??,
H????ng Qu??? Tr?? B???ng? Em s???ng l???i ????y sao? V???n d??ng ng?????i cao r??o, th??n h??nh c??n ?????i, da d???
tr???ng tr???o. V???n m??i t??c d??i quy???n r??. V???n ????i m???t ??en trong veo. Ch??? kh??c Qu??? Tr?? B???ng v???n
b?? ba ??en, c??n Qu??? n??y m???c v??y. Thu Qu??? m???ng vui, ??on ????? b???t tay t??i, nh?? ng?????i th??n l??u
ng??y g???p l???i. T??i r??i v??o c??i th???c h??, kh??ng ph??n bi???t ???????c th???i gian x??a, nay n???a. B???i tr?????c
m???t t??i, hai c?? g??i t??n Qu???, ???? nh???p l??m m???t trong nhau...
Th??i V??n Th??nh h??nh nh?? kh??ng bi???t ??i???u ????, c??? ?????ng ng???n t?? te, tr??? m???t nh??n ng?????i ?????p
nh?? b??? th??i mi??n. ????ng th??i, v?? chuy???n t??m ???????ng ????, kh??ng c?? Th??nh, l??m sao c???u ta bi???t Qu???
Tr?? B???ng?
Ch??ng t??i ng???i v??o hai ph??a b??n tr??, u???ng n?????c. C???u Th??nh v???n b??? m?? ?????m tr?????c v??? ?????p
qu?? ph??i c???a Thu Qu???. Trong khi c?? v???a nh???p m??i, v???a k??n ????o nh??n t??i. ????i m???t v?? c??i nh??n
th??n thi???t, c?? ph???n ?????m ??u???i c???a Qu??? Tr?? B???ng x??a, khi???n t??i ch???t d???, h???i:
 - Nh??n chi r???a h??? M??nh tra hung l???m ??..?
T??i n??i nh?? th??? n??i v???i Qu??? Tr?? B???ng, v?? l??c g???p H????ng Qu??? ??? ????, t??i m???i 22 tu???i. C??n
em kho???ng 20. Gi??? t??i ???? ngo??i 60 xa. N??i xong, t??i ch???t gi???t m??nh. C?? Thu Qu??? n??y ???? g???p t??i
bao gi??? ????u, sao t??i l???i h???i m??nh gi?? hung l???m ??? M?? ?????c s???t gi???ng trong ???y n???a. Nh??ng l??? thay,
Thu Qu??? ch???  ?????u c?????i, n??i:
  - N??i th???t c??ng hai anh, m???i ng??y em c?? ?????n v??i ba c?? ??i???n tho???i  m???i c???a c??c ??ng
l???n, t?????ng t??, c??c s???p nh??ng em kh??ng ?????n ???????c, v?? c??ng vi???c qu?? b???n r???n. Th??? m?? h??m nay,
d?? ch??a bi???t m???t hai anh, em l???i nh???n l???i. Kh??ng bi???t v?? sao n???a!
 - R??ng n??i nh?? linh c???m r???a, em ??i!.. T??i c?????i ????? th??m.
- Thi???t ???? anh, em ch???ng ????a ????u! Em ph???i c??? t??m ?????n v???i ng?????i l??nh. Ch??? m???y c??u th??
???y, m?? ????m qua l??m em tr???n tr???c, ch???ng t??i n??o ng??? ???????c. R???ng s??ng v???a ch???p m???t, b???ng th???y
m???t ng?????i l??nh hao hao gi???ng anh trong ???nh, ??ang c??ng m???t ng?????i con g??i m??u me b?? b???t, ??i
l??n m???t qu???ng ?????i to??n l?? c??y qu??? r???i m???t h??t... M??? m???t ra, ch???ng th???y ai c???. Ng?????i v?? m??? h??i,
v?? r???i m???t tr???n cu???ng phong ??o ??o ???p ?????n...
T??i v?? Th??nh tr??? m???t, b???i gi???c m?? c???a Qu??? nh?? th???t. Thu Qu??? n??i ti???p:
- Kh??ng hi???u c?? ph???i linh h???n ?????ng ?????i anh ??? trong b??i th??, d???n em ?????n ????y g???p anh hay
kh??ng? V?? ?????n ????y, ?????c mu???n c???a em l?? nghe anh k??? chuy???n v??? c?? g??i c?? t??n H????ng Qu???, x???
Tr?? B???ng, n??i m???t m???nh h???n anh c??n g???i l???i...
 Nghe Thu Qu??? n??i, ch??ng t??i n???i c??? gai ???c. L???nh bu???t s???ng l??ng. ?????u ??c ch??ng l??ng,
chao ?????o nh?? b???p b???nh bay v??o ch???n kh??ng gian x??a xa x??i. V?? r???i, h??nh ???nh ng?????i con g??i
giao li??n c?? t??n Tr???n Th??? H????ng Qu??? n??i chi???n tr?????ng Tr?? B???ng, Qu???ng Ng??i, l???i hi???n v??? nh??
nh???ng th?????c phim quay ch???m...
M??a h?? n??m 1968, ??o??n ch??ng t??i trong ???? c?? T?? l???nh S?? ??o??n 3 Sao v??ng Hu???nh H???u
Anh (??ng c??n c??c bi???t danh kh??c: T??m, T??i, Quang), anh Phong y s???, anh Th???c, anh L??m v??
t??i, sau m???y th??ng v?????t n??i b??ng r???ng th?? ch??n ch???m ???????c ?????t Qu???ng Ng??i. T??? huy???n Tr?? My,
l???n qua Tr?? Hi???p, ??o??n v?????t qua s??ng Tr?? B???ng th?? ?????n x?? Tr?? L??m thu???c huy???n Tr?? B???ng. ???
khu v???c n??y, thu???c mi???n n??i, ph??a t??y c???a huy???n Tr?? B???ng, n??i m?? s??ng nay ?????ch v???a ????? qu??n
c??n quy??t, c??n s???c m??i bom ?????n.
 Kh???n n???i, l??c l???i ngang s??ng Tr?? B???ng, ??o??n b??? b???n M??? ph???c k??ch. ?????ng ch?? Quang, ?????i
??y tr???m tr?????ng Binh tr???m 38 ph??a b???c, d???n ??o??n ??i v??o, ???? hy sinh t???i ????. N??n b??y gi???, ??o??n t??i
nh?? g?? l???c m???, ch???ng bi???t ????u m?? l???n. Ph???i l???n m?? ??i t??m tr???m ti???p theo. M?? b???n b??? b???n ?????ch ?????
qu??n, ch??ng ch???n ?????u ch???n ??u??i, s??ng n??? r??m ran. Th???t nan gi???i...
Tr???i x???m t???i, xung quanh b???n b??? m??nh m??ng hiu qu???nh. Kh??ng m???t x??m l??ng. H??nh nh??
c?? ?????ch, v?? ch???c ch???c c?? v??i ph??t ph??o s??ng bay l??n kh??ng trung. Ch??ng t??i ??ang t??m ???????ng m??
l??n m???t n????ng r???y c???a ?????ng b??o d??n t???c, th?? c???u L??m kh??ng may gi???m ph???i ch??ng. Anh Th???c
ph???i g?? l??ng ????? c??ng L??m. Anh Phong ph???i b??m s??t T?? l???nh, s??? ??ng c??ng gi???m ph???i ch??ng n???a
th?? kh???. C??n t??i thay Th???c ??i ?????u d?? ???????ng. S??? nh???t l?? nh???ng b???y th?? c???a d??n, h???t s???c nguy
hi???m. N???u v?????ng v??o d??y, l?? c??ng m???t l??c n?? ph??ng ra h??ng lo???t m??i t??n.. M??i th?? ????m xuy??n
t??? b??n n??y sang b??n kia. Ai kh??ng may v???p ph???i th??, kh?? l??ng s???ng s??t.
??ang loay hoay, ch???t g???p m???t ??ng gi??, ng?????i m???nh kh???nh, c?? b??? r??u r???t d??i, n?????c da
tr???ng tr???o, nh??n ch???ng ph???i l?? d??n mi???n n??i. T???i v???i v??ng h???i ??ng ???????ng v??? tr???m. ??ng th??? d??i
r???i b???o:
- L??c s??ng b???n M??? v???a c??n v?? t???p k??ch v??o tr???m. Anh em m??nh h??nh nh?? ch???t nhi???u
l???m... H??? ch???y ????u h???t... T??? s??ng ?????n gi???, m??nh t??m m??i ch???ng ???????c.
Cu???i c??ng, ??ng d???n anh em m??nh v??? ch??? nh?? ??ng ngh???, b???n m??nh ??i theo ??ng nh??ng ai
c??ng t??? ra c???n tr???ng, th??m d??, t??m hi???u. ??ng b???o, c??? ngh??? ????y, ch???c m???t v??i ng??y n???a s??? c??
ng?????i ?????n ????n...
Nh?? ??ng ta n???m b??n r??a n??i c?? con su???i nh??? ch???y qua sau h???i nh??. Ph??a trong c?? hang ????
s??u. Bao quanh to??n r???ng n??i. C?? r???t nhi???u c??y qu???. C??? m???t r???ng qu??? chen ch??c nhau m???c, t???a
h????ng th??m ng??o ng???t. ??? ????y ch???ng th???y d??n c?? ????u. T??i h???i, ??ng ta b???o:
- N??m ngo??i l?? gi???c c??n l??n, x??c d??n ??i h???t r???i!..
 M??nh h??i ng??? ng???, bu???t mi???ng h???i:
 - Sao ch??ng ch???a ??ng l???i?
 Ngh?? ng???i m???t l??c, r???i ??ng b???o:
- B???n tui ???????c du k??ch h?????ng d???n, tr???n v??? trong ????m, n??n tho??t...
B?????c v??o trong th???y c??n nh?? t???nh to??ng, ch??? l???p v??i t???m l?? tranh ???? d???t n??t. M???t t???m v??n
g??? d??ng b??n sinh ho???t. Ph??a trong ch???t ?????y nh???ng b?? v??? qu??? kh??, ph??a b??n tr??i c?? m???t ng?????i
con g??i xinh ?????p, c??n tr??? m??ng, kho???ng ch???ng m?????i t??m ????i m????i, nh?? ????? tu???i c???a t??i. C??
??ang ng???i ??? b??n kh??u v??, ????a m???t l??n nh??n v?? ch??o b???n t??i. B???n t??i ni???m n??? ch??o ????p l???i.
 T?? l???nh h???i ??ng gi??:
 - ????y con g??i c???a B??c ?? ?"
 ??ng ta ???m ???:
- ???a!..
 R???i b???ng ??ng ?????t ng???t ?????i gi???ng:
- L??... b?? x?? tui ????!..
B???n t??i ??? l??n ?????ng lo???t, xu??t xoa:
- B??c c?? v??? tr???, ?????p th???!
T?? l???nh Quang l???i h???i ti???p:
- N??m nay b??c bao tu???i r???i?
 ??ng ta g??i g??i ?????u, c?????i c?????i h???i l???i:
 - C??c ??ng ??o??n xem, tui bao nhi??u n??o?
 Ng?????i con g??i ng?????c m??t l??n nh??n b???n t??i r???i c??ng c?????i. Kh??ng hi???u c?? ta  c?????i chuy???n
g??. Qu??? th???c, b???n t??i c??ng c?? th??? ??o??n ???????c, nh??ng l??c n??y c??ng th???t kh?? n??i. N??i tu???i qu?? l???n
c??ng kh??ng ???????c, n??i tu???i b?? c??ng kh??ng xong. Th???y b???n t??i ??ang ph??n v??n, ??ng ta n??i lu??n:
 - Th?? th???t c??c ch??, tui n??m nay ????ng 80 tu???i r???i! C??n v??? tui n??m nay 20 tu???i tr??n...
Ng?????i con g??i l???i ng?????c l??n nh??n, v?? theo d??i th??i ????? ch??ng t??i. B???n t??i l???i ??? l??n l???n n???a.
Ti???ng ??? l???n sau n??y, c?? th??? ???n ch???a c??? s??? kh??m ph???c l???n ng???c nhi??n. Anh Phong c?????i, n??i v???i
??ng gi??:
 - Ch?? th???t g???p ph??c, l???y ???????c v??? tr??? l???i ?????p n???a!..
 Anh Phong ???? kh??o l??o chuy???n t??? g???i "??ng", sang g???i "ch??". C?? g??i ch???ng n??i g??, ch???
c?????i t???m t???m. L??u l??u, li???c con m???t s???c nh??n t??i. T??i ???????c ?????c ??n ????, c?? l??? v?? trong ??o??n t??i l??
?????a tr??? nh???t. ????? tu???i ngang t???m tu???i c?? ???y. Hay c?? ta t??m ra ??? t??i n??t d??? h??a ?????ng ch??ng?
Nh??ng ch???ng ai ????? t??m chuy???n ???? l??m g??!
T?? l???nh Hu???nh H???u Anh n??i vui:
 - C?? l??? b??c v???a c?? c???a l???i c?? t??i, ????? c??c c?? theo...
 H??nh nh?? c??u n??i v?? t??nh c???a th??? tr?????ng, ??t nhi??u ch???m ?????n l??ng t??? ??i. C?? ta b???u m??i r???i
c??i m???t xu???ng. ??ng gi?? c???t l???i:
- Kh??ng! Ch???ng c?? g?? c???!.. B??? m??? anh em t??i b??? t???i M??? gi???t h???t trong tr???n c??n Eo T?? M??.
C??n gia ????nh c?? ???y ch??ng gi???t t???i th??n Tr?? Xanh n??y.
Kh??ng n??i ra, ch??ng t??i ai c??ng k??? l??? cho m???i t??nh tu???i ??ng ch??u n??y. ??ng ta k??? ti???p:
 - Ch??ng t??i ?????u c??ng l?? giao li??n c???a huy???n. Th??? l?? m???y ??ng c??n b??? l??nh ?????o th???y ch??ng
t??i ?????u c?? ho??n c???nh, li???n gh??p l???i v???i nhau. Th??? r???i tr???i xui ?????t khi???n, ch??ng t??i ?????n v???i nhau
 ??ng c??ng th??? l???, ???? 3 n??m r???i m?? ?????n nay v???n ch??a c?? m???n con n??o. B???n t??i nghe
chuy???n, c?? ch??t ng???m ng??i, c???m ?????ng...
Chi???u ????, hai v??? ch???ng h??? ????i cho anh em t??i b???a ??n ???????ng ho??ng. C??ng c?? s???n c??ng
c??m. C?? c?? su???i ??ng gi?? ????nh b???t v???. C?? m??ng r???ng n???u canh c??. ??ang ????i m???y ng??y, l???i th???y
c?? c??m, anh em t??i s?? v??o nh?? v??? ???????c c???a qu??. V???a ??n T?? l???nh Hu???nh H???u Anh v???a b??n v???i
??ng Khang, ch???ng c???a Qu???:
- Kh??ng th??? ?????i ng?????i tr???m giao li??n ?????n ????n ???????c! C??c tr???m b??y gi??? c??ng lo ch???y gi???c.
Chi b???ng, m??nh ph???i v???a t??m ???????ng, v???a ????nh ?????ch m?? ??i. Kh??ng th??? ch???m tr??? ???????c n???a!
T?? l???nh n??i ch??a h???t c??u, th?? ??ng gi?? Khang n??i ngay:
 - Tui th?? kh??ng th??? ??i theo c??c anh ???????c! S??ng mai s??? c??? Qu???, v??? t??i, ??i theo ??o??n. Qu???
n?? nhanh nh???n, bi???t ???????ng s?? h??n tui. M?? v?? tui c??n ph???i ??? nh??, l??? anh em m??nh b??? th???t l???c, c??n
ph???i ????n h??? n???a...
Coi nh?? vi???c ???? b??n xong, T?? l???nh Quang l??n v??ng n???m. Anh Phong ti??m cho ??ng m??i
thu???c tr??? l???c B12, l???i ti??m thu???c s???t r??t cho L??m. L??m ??ang l??n c??n s???t r??t d??? d???i. ?????p ?????n hai
ch??n v???n r??n h??? h???. Qu??? ?????n cho tay l??n tr??n L??m, xem n??ng s???t th??? n??o. R???i c???m m???t b?? l???t
ch??? m???ng, loay hoay ??an c??i g?? ????. T??i nh??n k???, gi???ng c??i l??? ????m c?? ngo??i m??nh, nh??ng c??i n??y
n?? ch??? to h??n b???p tay m???t ch??t.
 B???n t??i x??m l???i xem. M???i th???y h???t b??n tay t??i hoa kh??o l??o c???a ng?????i ?????p. H???i th?? Qu???
 - ????y l?? c??i l??? ????m l????n...
M??nh tr??? m???t h???i:
 - ??? r???ng n??i, c??ng c?? l????n ???
Qu??? c?????i d??? th????ng, n??i:
  - Nhi???u! Nhi???u l???m anh ??i! C?? m???t b??i l???y n???m d?????i ch??n d???c, l????n nhi???u v?? k???! Qu???
nh??n t??i r???i r???  - Anh ??i b???t l????n c??ng em nh???
 T??i trong l??ng r???t mu???n ??i, nh??ng l???i b???o:
 - Anh c?? bi???t chi b???t l????n m?? t??!
 ??ng Khang t??? ????u ?????n, v??? v??o vai t??i, b???o:
 - ??i l?? bi???t li???n! Mai c?? th???c ??n mang theo...
Th???y th???, anh Phong gi???c:
 - C???u n??n ??i v???i c?? Qu???. ????? m??nh v?? c???u Th???c ??? nh?? c??n tr???c th??? tr?????ng v?? c???u L??m.
??ang nhi???u ng?????i ??au ???m th??? n??y, c?? th???c ??n t????i l?? ch??a ?????y!..
T??i ??i ng???i, v?? ch??a bao gi??? ??i ri??ng v???i ????n b?? con g??i, m?? Qu??? ???? c?? ch???ng r???i c??ng
ng???i h??n. Ti???n l???i g???n ??ng Khang, t??i kh???n kho???n:
 - Ch?? ??i v???i Kh???i nh??..?
 ??ng Khang g???t ??i, c????ng quy???t:
- Tui m?? ??i, n???u l??? ?????ch t???p k??ch v?? ????y, th?? c??c em bi???t ???????ng m?? m?? ch???y?
Hai ?????a t??i tr??n ???????ng ??i b???t l????n. Trong b??ng t???i, hai ?????a m???ng vui x??ng x??nh nh?? th???i
tr??? nh???. Nh?? kh??ng h??? c?? chi???n tranh. Qu??? l??ng x??ng ch???y qua ch???y l???i n??i c?????i t??u t??t. M???y c??i
l???ng ????m l????n c??? l???ng l???ng b??n h??ng. N??i v???y, nh??ng t??i v???n kh?? kh?? c???m kh???u AK tr??n tay,
????? ph??ng tr?????ng h???p b???t tr???c x???y ra. D???u l??c tr??a Qu??? n??i ???? xu???ng t???n ????y quan s??t, t??nh h??nh
v?? s???, kh??ng c?? ?????ch. Qu??? b??? m???t n???m hoa mua r???ng gi??i v??o tay t??i, n??i:
- Em xin t???ng anh l??nh Gi???i ph??ng b???nh trai nh???t!..
T??i h??i ng???n ng?????i v?? qu?? b???t ng???, r???i tr???n t??nh ???p ??ng n??i:
 - T??i c???m ??n c?? Qu??? nh??!..
 Th??? r???i n??ng t??? nhi??n kho??c ch???t tay t??i, v???a ??i v???a x???i l???i h???i:
- Anh ??i! Anh t??n chi r???a..?
 T??i tr??? l???i c???t l???n:
- T??n Kh???i!
Qu??? l???p l???i:
- Kh???i ngh??a ???
 T??i g???t ?????u. Qu??? h???i ti???p:
- Qu?? eng ??? m?? r???a h??..?
 T??i th???a hi???u c??i gi???ng Qu???ng Ng??i kh??ng ph???i r???a. N??ng ??ang nh??i gi???ng Qu???ng B??nh
qu?? t??i. T??i t???m t???m c?????i vui, r???i m???nh d???n:
- Qu?? tui ??? Qu???ng B??nh o n???..?
 ??i m???t qu??ng, n??ng l???i ?????t ng???t h???i:
 - Eng Kh???i ??i! Eng c?? v??? ch??a r???a?...
T??i ng???p ng???ng, r???i n??i:
- C?? r???i! C?? hai con n???a!..
Qu??? c?????i ng???t ngh???o, r???i v??o v??o tai t??i ??au ??i???ng:
- C?? hai con m???t ???y! M???t c??n b???m ra s???a v???y, m?? b???o c?? v??? l?? kh??ng tin!..
 ??i xu???ng h???t d???c, t??? nhi??n n??ng ?????i t??nh l???i, h???i nh?? tr??? con, nghe ?????n bu???n c?????i:
 - Anh ??i! Anh nh??n em c?? ?????p kh??ng..?
T??i b???m b???ng c?????i v?? n??i:
- ?????p!.. ?????p l???m!.. R???t gi???ng ho??ng h???u!..
 ???????c ???? n??ng t???n ti???p:
- N???u gi??? d???... em ch??a c?? ch???ng... anh... c?? y??u em kh??ng..?
T??i ng?????ng ng??ng, y??n l???ng h???i l??u. Qu??? l???i qu???c tay v??o tay t??i, v?? gi???c:
- N??i ??i! Em gi??? d??? th??i m??!..
Bu???c l??ng t??i n??i ?????i:
 - Y??u ch??! Em ?????p nh?? hoa nh?? ng???c r???a, ai m?? kh??ng ??a cho ?????ng...
??i m???t qu??ng n???a, n??ng l???i b???o:
 - Em ?????c... c?? m???t ng??y, em ???????c ra Qu???ng B??nh th??m qu?? anh c??ng gia ????nh...
T??i b???o:
- C???m ??n Qu??? nh??, n???u anh v?? em c??n s???ng s??t...
????m ???? th???t may m???n, hai ?????a ????m ???????c ?????y m???t r??? l????n. Con m?? con n???y to ????ng,
v??ng h????m. Th??? tr?????ng Quang r???t m???ng, ??ng ng???i b???t d???y v?? khen:
 - T???i ni l??m ??n gi???i thi???t!..
D?????ng nh?? m???i ng?????i ?????u t???p trung n???i vui m???ng v??o r??? l????n, m?? ch???ng ai ????? ?? g?? ?????n
khu??n m???t l???m l?? c???a hai k??? t?????ng ch???ng nh?? ph???m t???i. T??i ch???ng d??m nh??n th???ng v??o m???t ??ng
Khanh, l???i c??ng kh??ng d??m nh??n Qu??? n???a. M???i khi n??ng chuy???n tr?? c?????i n??i r??m r???, t??i t???ng l???
v?? ki???m c??? tr??nh xa xa...
M???i ng?????i l???i lao v??o l??m l????n. X???t x???t, b???m b???m, c???t kh??c kho, c??n n???u m???t n???i ch??o
l???n. T???i cho c???u L??m ??ang l??n c??n s???t, ch???ng ??n ???????c t?? g??. ??ang ng???i nh??m b???p v???i anh
Th???c, anh Phong, Qu??? l??m t??i ?????n h???t h???n. N??ng cho tay v??o sau m??ng m??nh, v??o m???t c??i ??au
??i???ng c??? ng?????i. T??i gi???t th???t, k??u l??n oai o??i.
Anh Phong gi???t m??nh b???o:
- G?? v???y?
 T??i ??ang ng???ng l?????i, th?? n??ng ???? ????? ????n:
 - Ui cha! Con r???t!..
M???i ng?????i ????? ??i t??m, loay hoay m??i ch???ng th???y r???t ????u.
T???i ???y t??i ra su???i t???m. Kh??ng ng???, n??ng l???i m?? ra ng???i b??n t???ng ???? khi n??o. B???t ng???
ngh???ch ng???m, ????a tay v???c n?????c kho??t l??n ng?????i t??i, l??m t??i h???t h???n. R???i n??ng c??n l???y c??? c???c ????
li???ng sang n???a. T??i ?????nh nh??n th???i c?? n??y, t??m s??? kh??o v???i c?? ta, r???ng, ch???ng l??? c??c anh ??i
chi???n ?????u, ????? b???o v??? h???nh ph??c cho nh??n d??n, m?? l???i c??? t??nh ??i c?????p h???nh ph??c c???a h??? ??? May
m?? t??i ch??? m???i ngh??, ch??a k???p n??i ra.   L??? m??nh ng??? nh???n th?? sao? C?? ???y c?????i cho th???i m???t.
Ch???t nh??? l??c chi???u, t??i c??ng nghe c?? ???y b???t ch???t t??m s???: "Nh??n m???y anh l??nh ngo??i B???c v??o,
em th????ng l???m! Anh n??o c??ng xinh c??ng ?????p v?? th??ng minh. Chao ??i, r???i m???t ng??y h??? ch???t c???!
Em l??m giao li??n huy???n, bi???t v?? th??n nhi???u anh ??? S?? ??o??n 3 Sao v??ng, nh??ng gi??? ????y c?? c??n ai
l???i n???a ????u! H??? b??? em v??? ?????t c??? r???i!.."
S??ng h??m sau, c???u L??m c??ng v??? ng???i l??n v???t xu???ng ?????n t???i nghi???p. C??n s???t r??t v???n ch??a
bu??ng tha c??u t???. Anh Phong l???i ti??m thu???c s???t v?? c??? B12 cho c???u ???y, v?? g???i anh ta l???i cho ??ng
Khang, nh??? ??ng ch??m s??c cho L??m. Anh Phong c??n g???i l???i m???t b???c thu???c v?? h?????ng d???n ??ng
Khang cho L??m u???ng m???i ng??y. V?? h???n ??ng ???y kho???ng m???y ng??y n???a c?? ng?????i ra ????n c???u
??o??n chia tay ??ng Khang ti???p t???c l??n ???????ng. Ai c??ng l??u luy???n c???m ?????ng v?? bi???t ??n v??
h???n v??? s??? gi??p ????? c???a v??? ch???ng ??ng l??c kh?? kh??n...
??o??n ??i gi??? c?? th??m c??? c?? H????ng Qu???, m?? gi??? ????y ai c??ng c???m th???y y??n t??m v?? c?? ng?????i
b???n ?????a d???n ???????ng. V???i Qu???, ???????ng ??? ????y c?? thu???c nh?? l??ng b??n tay. H??n n???a, Qu??? tu???i tr???, l???i
nhanh nh???n, vui t??nh, khi???n kh??ng khi th??m ???m c??ng. C??ch ????n ti???p, lo l???ng c??i ??n cho ??o??n,
?????c bi???t ????m h??m ??i ????m l????n, cho ch??ng t??i m???t b???a ch??o ngon ra tr??, c??n l??m th???c ??n mang
theo, H????ng Qu??? ???? gieo v??o ch??ng t??i t??nh c???m s??u ?????m...
 Qu??? bao gi??? c??ng x??m x??m ??i tr?????c ??o??n, kho???ng 10 - 15m. ???? l?? kinh nghi???m c???a
ng?????i giao li??n nhi???u n??m. C?? ?????ng t??nh g?? th?? c?? ???y l??m hi???u cho anh em ng???i xu???ng. C?? ta
tho???t ???n tho??t hi???n, ??i t???i ??i lui, ????? h?????ng d???n ??o??n. B???i th???, T?? l???nh Quang th?????ng g???i l?? "C??
s??c nh???"
H????ng Qu??? mang kh???u cacbin v?? hai qu??? l???u ?????n. Nh??ng sau ????, l???i xin ?????i kh???u s??ng
AK cho anh Th???c. L??u thay l???i th???t l???i c?????i n??i c??ng t??i. ??ng Quang th???y hai ?????a th??n nhau,
??ng c??ng vui l??y. Leo l??n ?????nh d???c, ??ng b???o anh Phong l???y m???y th???i Socola ph??t cho hai ?????a
t??i. Qu??? r???t vui, b???t ng???  h???i ??ng Quang:
 - Th??? tr?????ng ??i! Khi m?? cho em ra B???c v???i nh???
T?? l???nh Quang c?????i, b???o:
- D??m v???t ch???ng l???i m?? ??i ???
 Qu??? c?????i. Ch??ng t??i c??ng c?????i theo.
 L???i xu???ng m???t v???t ru???ng, r???i l???i leo l??n m???t r???ng qu???. X??? Tr?? B???ng, qu??? m??nh m??ng
??i???p tr??ng xanh th???m. H????ng qu??? ??ang t???a h????ng th??m ng??o ng???t. V???a qua su???i C?? ????, chu???n
b??? v?????t ?????c Qu???, b???ng ph??a tr?????c c?? ti???ng n??? long tr???i v?? c??? ti???ng AR15 n??? r??m ran tr???i ?????t. ??i,
?????ng ph???i ?????ch ph???c k??ch r???i!  C?? ti???ng c???a Qu??? h?? ????? nghe:
 - T???t c??? n???m xu???ng!.. N???m xu???ng!..
T??i n???m ??? g?? ?????t, ng?????c m???t th???y Qu??? tung hai qu??? l??u ?????n l??n ch??? c?? ??nh ch???p t??? kh???u
?????i li??n c???a ?????ch ??ang kh???c l???a. R???i c?? ???y c???m kh???u AK, v???a ch???y ??o l??n v???a b???n. T??i c??ng
x??ng l??n, qu???t m???y lo???t AK gi??n gi??, y???m tr??? cho Qu???. H??nh nh?? ch??? c?? m???y th???ng l??nh B???o an
ph???c k??ch. Qu??? di???t 3 th???ng, c??n m???y th???ng b??? ch???y xu???ng ?????i. Anh Phong v?? Th???c v???i d???n
Th??? tr?????ng xu???ng khe c???n. T?? l???nh Quang v?? anh Phong c??ng r??t kh???u K59 ra kh???i bao, l??n
?????n r??ng r???c.
Ti???ng s??ng r??m ran m???t l??c n???a r???i l???ng h???n. ?????i m??i ch???ng th???y Qu???. ??ng Quang gi???c
 - Ch?? em ??i! Ch???y l??n xem c?? ???y ??? ????u?
 T??i c??ng m???t, m?? m???m h???t m???i n??i. Cu???i c??ng, th???y Qu??? n???m trong b???i c??y r???m ven
???????ng. Qu??? b??? th????ng r???t n???ng. B??? g??y ????i ph???i, m??u ra ?????m ????a. Ch???c v?? h???ng ph???i m??n
Claaymo. C??n b??? d??nh m???nh ?????n ??? b??? vai v?? c??? ??? ng???c n???a, m??u ch???y th???m ?????t c??? l???n ??o. Qu???
r??n v?? n??i th???u th??o:
- Anh Kh???i ??i!.. Em ch???t m???t th??i!..
 - Em ?????ng n??i g???! Kh??ng sao ????u! ????? anh c??ng em ??i...
T??i n??i c???ng, nh??ng n?????c m???t ???? tr??o l??n ngh???n ng??o. Nhanh ch??ng v???c c?? ???y d???y, x???c
l??n vai, t??i ch???y b??ng b??ng v??? m???n su???i, n??i th??? tr?????ng c??ng c??c anh ??ang ng???i ch???. Anh
Phong ti??m c???m m??u v?? b??ng b?? v???t th????ng cho Qu???. N??n l???i ????y l??u c??ng nguy hi???m, v?? ?????ch
c?? th???i gian ??i???u h???a l???c, ho???c bao v??y. C??c anh b??n n??n c???t r???ng ??i ngay!
 L??c n??y, anh Phong v?? c???u Th???c ??ang l??n c??n s???t. C??? hai run c???m c???p. Hai h??m r??ng
anh Th???c ????nh v??o nhau c???m c???p. Th??? tr?????ng ?????ng vi??n:
- C??c em c??? l??n! Sang b??n kia d???c l?? ?????a ph???n c???a ta r???i!..
 Nh?? v???y, l??c n??y ch??? c??n m??nh t??i, ph???i r??ng h???t s???c m??nh c??ng Qu??? leo d???c. Qu??? v???n
c??n t???nh. ??i l??n m???t qu??ng, c?? ???y th?? th??o:
 - Anh Kh???i ??i!.. Anh ????? em n???m l???i ????y th??i! C??c anh ??i ??i!.. Em ch???ng c??n s???ng ???????c
- Kh??ng! Em ph???i s???ng! H??y c??? g???ng l??n!..
 T??i g??o l??n trong c??? h???ng, v?? ph???i gi??? b?? m???t. Th??? tr?????ng Hu???nh H???u Anh ?????t tay l??n
ng???c c?? ta an ???i:
 - Em ?????ng n??i d???i!.. Em kh??ng ch???t ???????c m??!..
C?? th??? l???i ?????ng vi??n c???a ch??ng t??i c?? hi???u qu???, H????ng Qu??? kh??ng n??i chuy???n ch???t n???a.
T??i c???m nh???n ???????c Qu??? ??ang y???u d???n tr??n vai t??i. M???t l??c sau, c?? ???y th??? d???c, r???i b???o:
- Khi m??, anh cho em ra Qu???ng B??nh, th??m qu?? anh v???i nghen!
T??i hi???u l?? Qu??? ???? b?????c v??o ranh gi???i c???a th???c v?? ???o, c???a s???ng v?? ch???t. C?? kh??ng c??n
c???m gi??c ??au ?????n n???a. Kh??ng m???t ch??t r??n la. Ch??? c?? ti???ng l???i th???m th?? c???a qu??n t??nh t??? c??i
s???ng v????ng l???i. Qu??? th???, t??i nghe ti???ng Qu??? th?? th??o trong c??n m?? s???ng:
 - Anh Kh???i ??i!.. Anh y??u em kh??ng..?
 C??n m?? s???ng c???a Qu??? c??ng ng??y c??ng s??u th??m, ?????n ????? m?? lo???n. ????i m???t s??ng qu???c,
long lanh, hoang d???i. Ng???n ????n tr?????c khi t???t ng???t, th?????ng s??ng l??n kh???c gi??y. Ch???c s??? s???ng
trong Qu??? gi??? c??ng v???y. L???i c???a Qu???, l?? l???i c???a ng?????i ???? ?????t ch??n v??o th??? gi???i b??n kia. 
- Cho em h??n anh m???t c??i, ???????c kh??ng, n??o?
Ng?????i Qu??? m???m lu???i d???n ??i tr??n vai t??i. Gi???ng Qu??? nh??? d???n, y???u d???n nh?? giao ?????ng t???t
d???n. Nh???ng ti???ng cu???i c??ng nghe nh?? h??i gi??:
 - ???????c kh??ng anh..? Sao anh im l???ng v???y..?
V?? t??i th???y ?????u n??ng ngo???o xu???ng vai m??nh, ??p v??o m?? m??nh. Kh??ng bi???t n??ng c?? l??m
chi kh??ng? Nh??ng th???c t??nh, t??i nghe trong ng?????i n??ng b???ng, v?? r???i b???ng d??ng ??m ??m, l???nh
ng???t ?????n r???n ng?????i. T??i linh c???m ??i???u ch???ng l??nh, khi th???y th??n h??nh n??ng ph??a sau nh?? n???ng
h??n. L???i nghi??ng ng??? m???t th??ng b???ng, v?? rung l??n m???y c??i. T??i l???y tay v??? v??? v??o m??ng Qu???
m???y c??i, nh??ng ch???ng th???y ?????ng t??nh g??. T??i th???ng th???t g???i:
 - Qu???!.. Qu??? ??... ??i!
Qu??? ???? t???t th???. T??i nh??? nh??ng v?? c???n th???n, ?????t c?? ???y n???m xu???ng b??n v??? c???.  V?? g??o l??n
trong n?????c m???t. 
- Qu??? ??... ??i!..
T??i vu???t m???t cho em. Kh??p b???u tr???i ng??t xanh r???ng qu???, cho em mang theo v??? th??? gi???i
c???a em. M???i ng?????i x??m l???i v??y quanh.
M??i sau, t??i th???n th???c n??i v???i T?? l???nh Hu???nh H???u Anh:
- Qu??? m???t th???t r???i, th??? tr?????ng ???!..
 Anh Phong v???i c??i ng?????i, ????a tay banh m???t Qu??? nh??n, r???i l???c ?????u. B???ng d??ng, t??i ch???t
l???ng r???i kh??c ??a l??n. T??i kh??c v?? u???t h???n nh???ng t??n gi???c ???? s??t h???i Qu???. T??i kh??c v?? th????ng x??t
ng?????i con g??i c??n qu?? tr???, l???i xinh ?????p, khao kh??t h???nh ph??c th???t s???, m?? v???n ch??a ???????c.
 M???i ng?????i ?????u c??ng kh??c theo. Th??? tr?????ng Quang ng???m ng??i lau n?????c m???t. T??i l???y
kh??n lau b???t m??u ??ang tr??o ra n??i mi???ng Qu???.
??ang r???i b???i ch??a bi???t t??nh th??? n??o khi Qu??? ???? m???t, th?? c?? m???t ng?????i ??? ????u ch???y x???ng
x???c ?????n b??o tin:
- ?????ch ????nh bom v??o th??n Tr?? Xanh r???t d??? d???i! ??ng Khang c??ng hy sinh r???i!
  Nh?? c??n s??t ????nh ngang tai. M???i ng?????i b???n r???n, th???t th???n. Ai n???y ????a m???t nh??n nhau, lo
l???ng, r???i th??? d??i, ng???i b???t xu???ng ?????t. M???y anh em b??n b???c, cu???i c??ng ????nh bu???c l??ng g???i Qu???
l???i n??i ?????nh d???c ?????i qu??? Tr?? B???ng.
T??i n??i v???i th??? tr?????ng:
 - Hay ch??ng ta khi??ng c?? ???y ??i lu??n?
 T?? l???nh Quang ng???m ngh?? m???t h???i, r???i l???c ?????u nh??n t??i, b???o:
 - Kh??ng th??? ???????c! K??? ?????ch ??ang ????? qu??n ch???n t??? ph??a. Ch?? Phong, ch?? Th???c ??ang l??n
c??n s???t. C??n c???u giao li??n ph???i quay v??? g???p b??o cho tr???m giao li??n ngo??i ????...
 ??ng l???i nh??n t??i ra chi???u th??ng c???m, ??o???n an ???i:
 - Th??i, c??? ????? em l???i v???i Tr?? B??ng qu?? h????ng. Ng??y mai v??o tr???m 39, s??? cho ng?????i v?? c???
ch?? em, quay ra ????o huy???t m???, ch??n c???t c?? ???y cho ???????ng ho??ng!..
B???n ch??ng t??i l???y m???y bi ????ng n?????c ????? d??ng u???ng ??i ???????ng, r???a r??y l??m v??? sinh s???ch s???
cho Qu???. R???i l???y b??? ??o qu???n l??nh c???a t??i m???i mang t??? B???c v??o, thay m???c cho em. Ch???ng ai c??
x???ng cu???c. M???y anh em nh???t ???? h??n, ?????t v??y quanh, x??y th??nh c??i qu??ch ng??i m??? ????, r???i th???n
tr???ng b??? em n???m v??o gi???a. T??i b??? m???y nh??nh Qu??? ?????p l??n l??m m??? cho n??ng. ??ng Quang b???o
anh Phong l???y m???y th???i l????ng kh??, m???y nh??m g???o v?? mu???i r???c l??n ????.
 M???i ng?????i ?????ng nghi??m m???t d??y b??n ng??i m??? Qu???. Ti???c th????ng v?? h???n ng?????i con g??i
xinh ?????p, t????i tr???, h???n nhi??n. Ngh???n ng??o ????a tay ch??o ki???u nh?? binh, ti???n bi???t m???t n??? chi???n s??
giao li??n Tr?? My d??ng c???m...
Ch??ng t??i l???i l??n ???????ng v??o tr???n, nh??ng v???n nghe thoang tho???ng ????u ????y h????ng th??m
d???u ng???t, cay n???ng c???a x??? qu??? Tr?? B???ng. T??i c??n nghe c??? ti???ng Qu??? v???ng v??? th???ng th???t: "Anh
Kh???i ??i!.. Mai m???t cho em ra Qu???ng B??nh v???i, anh nh??..?"
Thu Qu??? lau n?????c m???t, b??n tay ??p v??o ng???c m??nh. C?? lo???ng cho???ng ?????ng d???y, s???p m???t
v?? ch???ng tay v??o t?????ng nh?? ng?????i th???t th???n r???i th??? d??i n??i:
- Em th???y ch??ng m???t qu?? anh ???!.. Chuy???n hay, x??c ?????ng v?? th????ng c???m qu??, anh Kh???i
??i!.. Em ??ang kh??c ????y n??!.. Khi n??o anh v??o trong ???y vi???ng m??? c?? ???y, cho em theo ??i c??ng,

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