V??n Chinh"b???c th??m" th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u

V??n Chinh, ?????ng Huy Giang,Tr???n Tr????ng v?? ?????n c??? T???ng bi??n t???p Nguy???n Tr?? Hu??n ?????u l?? nh???ng c??n b??? c???a c??c c?? quan kh??c ???? v??? h??u ?????n ?????u qu??n l??m cho t???p ch?? Nh?? v??n & T??c ph???m. H??? ???? x???p x??? b??y, t??m m????i tu???i! ????y c??ng l?? m???t quy???t s??ch t??nh th??? c???a H???i Nh?? v??n Vi???t Nam nh???m ????? kh??u tr??? l????ng ??? c?? quan H???i v?? c??c c?? quan c???p 2 c???a H???i (c??c c??n b??? v??? h??u l??m th??m ch??? nh???n m???t s??? ti???n ??t t?????ng tr??ng) cho c??n b???.
V??n Chinh"b???c th??m" th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u
     V??N CHINH "B???C TH??M" NGUY???N QUANG THI???U - Nguy???n Quang Thi???u v?? ?????ng c???p th?? ca (*)
????? Ho??ng
V??n Chinh, ?????ng Huy Giang,Tr???n Tr????ng v?? ?????n c??? T???ng bi??n t???p Nguy???n Tr?? Hu??n ?????u l?? nh???ng c??n b??? c???a c??c c?? quan kh??c ???? v??? h??u ?????n ?????u qu??n l??m cho t???p ch?? Nh?? v??n & T??c ph???m. H??? ???? x???p x??? b??y, t??m m????i tu???i! ????y c??ng l?? m???t quy???t s??ch t??nh th??? c???a H???i Nh?? v??n Vi???t Nam nh???m ????? kh??u tr??? l????ng ??? c?? quan H???i v?? c??c c?? quan c???p 2 c???a H???i (c??c c??n b??? v??? h??u l??m th??m ch??? nh???n m???t s??? ti???n ??t t?????ng tr??ng) cho c??n b???.
T??i l?? c??n b??? c??, t???ng l??m th???i t???p ch?? c??n t??n Nh?? v??n, n??n c??ng kh??ng b??n lu???n vi???c l??m c???a anh em m???i. Ai l??m c??ng c?? t???t, c?? ch??a t???t. Mi???ng l?????i th??? gian th?? gh?? g???m l???m. Mi???ng l?????i nh?? v??n l???i c??ng ?????c h??n. M??nh l?????m ngu??t ng?????i ta th?? nh?? ch??? h??ng l????n ngu??t c?? h??ng c??. N??n nghe xung quanh ca th??n anh em bi??n t???p t???p ch?? ????nh qu??? v??? ti???n b???c chia ch??c kh??ng s??ng ph???ng, c??i nhau om s??m tr?????c c???ng 65, Nguy???n Du; r???i cu???c thi th?? c???a T???p ch?? trao gi???i cao cho c??c ??ng, b?? ch??? doanh nghi???p, c??c quan ch???c c??? to...nhi???u ti???n l???m b???c. T??i c??ng m?? ni che tai, im thin th??t, m???c d???u t??i th???y c??c b??i th?? nh?? b??o li???p t???m th?????ng, xo??ng x???nh,???????c trao gi???i nh???t gi???i nh??! M???t cu???c thi th?? c???a t???p ch?? l???n m?? b??? ch??m l???p nh?? ng???n c??? d?????i ao b??o!
V?? 5,6 n??m nay t??i c??ng kh??ng d??m g???i b??i c???ng t??c ho???c g???i b???i ????? in!
Nh??ng l???n n??y, V??n Chinh b???c th??m th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u th?? t??i ph???i l??n ti???ng! Kh??ng c??n gi??? s??? b??nh y??n gi???a T???p ch?? v???i c?? nh??n t??i v?? ph???i v?? n???n V??n h???c n?????c nh??!
V??n Chinh sinh n??m 1948, qu?? g???c Th??i B??nh, h???c tr?????ng Vi???t v??n Nguy???n Du (kh??a 2), ra tr?????ng l??m b??o N??ng nghi???p Vi???t Nam, v??? h??u xin H???u Th???nh ?????n l??m t???p ch?? Nh?? v??n & T??c ph???m.
V??n Chinh, kh??ng ph???i l???n ?????u b???c th??m " th??" Nguy???n Quang Thi???u, V??n Chinh ???? b???c th??m l??u r???i, l??c Vi???n V??n h???c m??? h???i th???o th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u v???i l??? tr??nh c??ch t??n, l??c Thi???u m???i v??o Ph?? Ch??? t???ch H???i Nh?? v??n Vi???t Nam, V??n Chinh ???? c?? b??i in tr??n b??o V??n ngh???, kh??ng ch??? "th??" Nguy???n Quang Thi???u, V??n Chinh c??n b???c th??m v?? bi???n h??? cho H???u Th???nh b??i th?? "H???i" coppy c???a n??? thi ?????c, ?????y tai ti???ng trong v??n gi???i. Ngo??i ra V??n Chinh c??n b???c th??m, th?? v??n nhi???u ng?????i nh?? anh gi??o vi??n ki??m bu??n g??? H???i Ph??ng, b??i in b??o V??n ngh??? v?? t???p ch?? Nh?? v??n & T??c ph???m h???n hoi!
Nguy???n Quang Thi???u kh??ng bi???t l??m th??, vi???t r???t l???m kh???m, v???n s???ng th???c t??? t??? ???m th???c ?????n t??nh y??u nh?? ma-n??-canh...(Xem th??m "Tr?????ng ph??i th?? t??n con c??c - Tr???n M???nh H???o; V?? l???i ph???n l???i th?? ca, V?? l???i Nguy???n Quang Thi???u, d???ch th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u ra th?? Vi???t - ????? Ho??ng)...
B??i v?? l???i " Trong qu??n r?????u r???n" l?? m???t b??i v?? b???, ch???ng c?? ?? t??? g??, n??i lung cung lo??ng qu??ng.
Thi???u vi???t:
"Nh???ng con r???n th???y t??ng trong r?????u
Linh h???n ch??ng b?? qua mi???ng b??nh cu???n khoanh ????y ch??n
B?? ti???p ??i...b?? ti???p ??i qua ????i m??i b???c tr???ng
C?? m???t k??? say g??o l??n nh???ng kh??c b???i b???
(...) B?? n???a ??i...B?? n???a ??i h???i nh???ng linh h???n r???n
N???c ?????c t???ng tia phun ch??i trong b??nh
Ng?????i kh??ng u???ng r?????u m?? u???ng t???ng k?? ???c
M???ch m??u c??ng l??n nh???ng v???t r???n b??.
(V??n Ch??nh tr??ch)
N??i th???t th?? (V?? l???i) Nguy???n Quang Thi???u ?????u v?? duy??n, v?? b???. Y???u k??m to??n di???n!
B???n ?????c h??y l???ng nghe V??n Chinh b???c th??m: "Sao c?? th??? ng??? n???i, c?? th??? th???n nhi??n n???i, khi m?? c???ng d???ng ??ang ????i, ch???t tr??? th??nh ph?? ph???n ?? tr???c. B??i Trong qu??n r?????u r???n v?? B???y ki???n qua b??n ti???c nh?? m???t ti???c th????ng cho th?? ???m th???c thanh ?????m c???a truy???n th???ng nh?? v???t bi???n m???t, nh?????ng ch??? cho nh???m nho??m v?? su???ng s??? h?????ng th???" (Trang 152 - T???p ch?? Nh?? v??n & T??c ph???m s??? 37 th??ng 9+10 /2019).
?????n ????y th???t kh??ng mu???n n??i n???a. K??? vi???t ???? l???m kh???m v??n ch????ng th?? ph??, ???m th???c; ng?????i b??nh c??n l???m kh???m h??n!
Ng?????i Vi???t kh??ng ai ??n u???ng nh?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u! "Nh???ng con r???n th???y t??ng trong r?????u"- Vi???t th??? l?? kh??ng hi???u ???m th???c! Kh??ng ai ??em t???t c??? lo???i r???n ng??m r?????u (xem V?? l???i Nguy???n Quang Thi???u), ng?????i ta ng??m r?????u lo???i r???n ?????c. R???n ?????c m???i tr?????ng sinh b???t l??o (Theo quan ni???m d??n gian, ????ng v???i khoa h???c). Nguy???n Quang Thi???u kh??ng hi???u h???t ngh??a ch??? T??u n??n kh??ng hi???u "t??ng " l?? nh?? th??? n??o. ???? d??ng th???y t??ng (
??????) ch??? H??n sao l???i d??ng ng??m trong r?????u? - T??ng l?? g?? - T??ng l?? ch??n. Ch??? H??n. C?? nhi???u c??ch t??ng: Th???y t??ng, ?????a t??ng, h???a t??ng, ??i???n t??ng, ??i???u t??ng, m???c t??ng...??????, ??? ???, ??????, ??????, ??????, ??????,...
Th??? th?? th???y t??ng l?? ch??n trong n?????c! T???c l?? l???y r???n b??? trong b??nh s??? hay b??nh th???y tinh ho???c l???y ni long b???t k??n cho n?????c kh??ng th???m v??o, r???i b??? trong r?????u. C??n t???u t??ng m???i ch??n trong r?????u. Theo t??? ???m th???c d??n gian g???i l?? ng??m r?????u. R???n ng??m r?????u!
R???n ng??m trong n?????c (th???y t??ng) ????? l??u ng??y th?? qu?? th???i. R???i nh??ng c??i b???c r???n ???? v??o r?????u, r?????u kh??ng th??? kh??? m??i, l??m sao u???ng ???????c? Kh??ng c?? d??n t???c n??o d?? man di m???i r??? ?????n ????u, c??ng kh??ng th??? ???m th???c nh?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u! C??ch ???m th???c c?? m???t kh??ng hai tr??n th??? gi???i c???a t???c ng?????i Nguy???n Quang Thi???u r??ng r???n h??n ??n m??u s???ng (ti???t canh) l??m nh??n lo???i khi???p ?????m!
V??n Chinh n???nh ti???p v?? so s??nh ngang h??ng v???i c??c ???m gi??? n???i ti???ng: "Cho ?????n nay, n??t ??n (th???c ra l?? c??i ??n) trong v??n ch????ng Vi???t ???? tr???i qua ba giai ??o???n v?? cung b???c t??nh c???m. C??i th??m ??n, c??i ????i ??n trong v??n xu??i Nam Cao ti??u bi???u th???i ng?????i Vi???t ??? n??ng th??n ngh??o kh??? nh??ng c??i tinh t??? ngh??o nh??ng thanh b??nh trong v??n Th???ch Lam, Nguy???n Tu??n v?? V?? B???ng v?? b??y gi??? ?????n th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u, c??i ??n trong gi???i tr?? th???c trung l??u tr??? th??nh n???i lo ??m ???nh. Nh?? th??? m?? c?? ng?????i l???i b???o r???ng "th?? ng???" th?? l??? th???t, r???t l???"
. Gi???i tr?? th???c b???nh ho???n c???a Nguy???n Quang Thi???u chuy??n ??n x??c r???n th???i, u???ng n?????c r???n th???i nh?? chim ki???n ki???n ??n x??c th???i m?? d??m ????a s??nh v???i ???m th???c Nam Cao, Th???ch Lam, Nguy???n Tu??n, V?? B???ng...trong v??n, th???t l?? ??i???u kh??ng t?????ng t?????ng n???i. Ch??? c?? V??n Chinh kh??ng m???i so s??nh nh?? v???y!
B??i v?? l???i "Trong qu??n r?????u r???n" t??i ???? d???ch ra th?? Vi???t t??? nhi???u n??m tr?????c, xin tr??ch kh??? ?????u:
" L?? r???n ?????c b??? ??em t???u t??ng
H???n b?? quanh ????y ch??n, mi???ng b??nh
B?? n???a ??i qua ????i m??i b???c tr???ng
K??? say g??o gi???ng r?????u th???t kinh!"...
V?? l???i c???a Nguy???n Quang Thi???u ph???i d???ch ra th?? Vi???t m?? V??n Chinh th???i k??n n??ng l??n "????ng c???p th?? ca" thi th???t l?? tr?? "n??ng bi" v?? duy??n! ?????ng c???p g?? c??i th??? v?? l???i m?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u v??i ra tr??n thi ????n? N?? l?? ?????ng c???p "th?? v?? l???i" ch??a s???ch n?????c c???n"!
N??i chung Nguy???n Quang Thi???u vi???t r???t lung tung, lang tang,l???p t???, l???p ??, th???a l???i, thi???u ch???, t?? duy so s??nh ?????c ao..., r???t l??? m???:
"T??i, t??i h??t b??i ca v??? c??? h????ng t??i
Trong nh???ng chi???c ti???u s??nh ??ang x???p trong l?? g???m
M???t mai ????y t??i s??? n???m trong ????
?????m ?????n c??? ki???p sau
Ki???p n??y t??i l?? ng?????i
Ki???p sau ph???i l?? v???t
T??i xin ??? ki???p sau ???????c l??m con ch?? nh???
????? canh gi??? n???i bu???n - b??u v???t c??? h????ng t??i."
Th??ng th?????ng con ng?????i h?????ng ?????n c??i cao c???, c??i ?????p.. Ch??? nh???ng k??? m??o m?? khuy???t t???t t??m linh m???i ?????c mong ??i??n lo???n, Nguy???n Quang Thi???u mu???n c?? ?????c mong cho kh??c ng?????i, mu???n l??m m???i, t?????ng ?????c th??nh ti??n, th??nh ph???t h??a ra ?????c th??nh con ch??! M???t c??i ?????c m?? h??n h???, b???nh ho???n!
Kh??ng ai n??i n???i bu???n l?? b??u v???t, l???i l?? b??u v???t c???a qu?? h????ng! Th???t ??i??n r???!
V??n Chinh t??n:
"M???i l???n nghe Thi???u ?????c B??i h??t v??? c??? h????ng, ?????n c??u k???t n??y t??i ?????u l???ng ??i m???t kho???ng l???ng ????? ????? th??n ph???n d??n t???c n???c l??n trong l??ng ng???c c???a m??nh. C?? th???, ch??? l?? c?? th??? th??i, c??c nh?? th?? th??? h??? tr?????c v?? sau Thi???u s??? c???m th???y b??u v???t c??? h????ng l?? s??? v??? ?????i, h??ng c?????ng. Nh??ng nh???ng n??m th??ng Thi???u l???n l??n, ??ng t??? m???t n?????c ngh??o c???c tr??? v??? n?????c v?? b???t ?????u l??m th??. ??ng th???y n?????c m??nh ngh??o, c???c ngh??o m?? c??n b???y ra tr?????c m???t nh???ng m???t m??t l???n lao!"
V?? l???i c???a Thi???u r???t ?????i ng??n, s??o r???ng, l???m l???i, nhi???u ch???. Ch??a ai ?????ng ?????n ????: kh??c, r??n, ????i, nh???c, nh??i, than, la, kh??t, th??m, n???c, run, t???a m??u, ?????c mu???n... v??? ?????c mu???n l??m t??nh (c?? d???u hi???u hi???p d??m) nhan nh???n trong c??c trang vi???t c???a Thi???u. B??i "C??u h???i cu???i ng??y" ?????i di???n cho h??ng lo???t b??i Thi???u vi???t nh?? th???:
" Trong c??n m?? ????i v?? bu???n
C??c c?? g??i ?????p m???c v??y c?????i xe m??y ph??ng qua
Nh?? dao s???c ph???t v??o t??i t???a m??u
T??i n???c l??n m???t c??u h???i nh?? ng?????i s???c kh??i
R???ng n???u t??i l???y h???
T??i s??? ng??? v???i h??? th??? n??o..."
(C??u h???i cu???i ng??y)
B??i v?? l???i n??y t??i ???? d???ch ra th?? Vi???t v?? b??nh kh?? k??? in tr??n N?? kh??ng ch??? v?? l???i m?? m???t c??ch vi???t, c??ch ngh??, m?? v?? l???i trong c??ch c???m v?? c??ng b???nh ho???n, ?? ngh?? cu???ng d??m r???t ??c d??m, th?? gh??t s??? ?????i m???i, th?? gh??t ph??? n??? - t???c l?? th?? gh??t c??i ?????p!
"C??c c?? g??i ?????p m???c v??y c?????i xe m??y ph??ng qua"
L?? n??t hi???n ?????i c???a n??? gi???i sau g???n 20 n??m th???ng nh???t ?????t n?????c, nh??? c?? s??? ?????i m???i, kinh t??? ph??t tri???n, gi???i l??m ??n, ch??? em ph??? n??? mi???n B???c m???i c?? ???????c h??nh ???nh n??y, h??? kh??ng c??n ph???i quanh n??m su???t th??ng m???c c??i qu???n ph??p m??u ??en, c??i ??o n??u c???c, ph??i m??ng, ph??i b???ng ??i le te gi???a th??nh ph??? m???i gi???i ph??ng, b?? con mi???n Nam nh??n ho???ng h???n t?????ng ng?????i ngo??i h??nh tinh l???c xu???ng! ????ng ra ph???i t??? h??o ph???ng theo ?? th?? Xu??n Di???u:
"Thi s?? ng??y x??a m?? m??? nh??n
M?? kh??i tr???m bay cu???n c??i tr???n
Thi s?? ng??y nay b??n ???????ng ph???
H???t l??ng ca ng???i g??i thanh t??n!"
Ho???c nh?? Huy C???n:
" Ch??? em ta t???a n???ng v??ng l???ch s???
N???ng cho ?????i m?? c??ng n???ng cho th??"
Hay nh?? T??? H???u:
"Em l?? ai, c?? g??i hay n??ng ti??n?
Em c?? tu???i hay kh??ng c?? tu???i
Em em hay l?? m??y, l?? su???i
M???t em nh??n nh?? ch???p l???a ????m ????ng!"
Th??? m?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u nh??n c??c c?? g??i ?????p t??n th???i m???c v??y, ph??ng xe m??y tr??n ph???, Thi???u l???i c??m t???c, c??m th??:
"Nh?? dao s???c ph???t v??o t??i t???a m??u
T??i n???c l??n m???t c??u h???i nh?? ng?????i s???c kh??i"
???? c??m th?? n??? gi???i l???i tr???i l??n ?? ngh?? d??m d???t kh??ng ai cho ph??p:
R???ng n???u t??i l???y h???
T??i s??? ng??? v???i h??? th??? n??o..."
(C??u h???i cu???i ng??y)
Ai cho anh l???y h???, anh c?? quy???n chi, vua ch??a, quan to sao? R???i ai cho anh l??m t??nh h??? ? B???nh ho???n, t??m th???n tr??m ph???n tr??m!
??i???u n??y ????ng ra ph???i ch??? c??i sai l???n ph???m ph??p lu???t c???a t??c gi???, ?????ng n??y V??n Chinh tr??ch v?? b??nh trich, n???nh sai ti???p:
"C??u n??y th?? kh??c cho c??i ?????p th??m tho b??? c??i lam l?? th??? tr?????ng c?????p m???t:
"...C??c c?? g??i bu??n chuy???n ??ang ngo???o ?????u ng???
T??c tai qu???n ??o s???c m??i c?? kh??
Gi???c m?? s??? th??? n??o trong gi???c ng??? th??? kia
V?? l??ng t??i nh??i m???t c??u h???i
R???ng n???u t??i l???y h???
T??i s??? ng??? v???i h??? nh?? th??? n??o"
(C??u h???i cu???i ng??y)
D??n lao ?????ng b??nh th?????ng, bu??n chuy???n ??n v???, ng??? v???t nh?? th???, m??nh kh??ng c?? t?? g?? c???m th??ng cho s??? ph???n " ???????????????????? ?????? - d?????i ????y x?? h???i" c???a h??? l???i n???i m??u d?? b???o ch??a, b???o d??m, hi???p d??m:
R???ng n???u t??i l???y h???
T??i s??? ng??? v???i h??? th??? n??o..."
(C??u h???i cu???i ng??y)
C??? b??i C??u h???i cu???i ng??y ?????u m???c ch???ng b???o d??m nh?? th???!
Th?? v?? l???i c???a Nguy???n Quang Thi???u h???ng ho??n to??n t??? l???p t???, l???p c??u, gieo v???n, t??nh c???m...
V??n Chinh b???c th??m: "Trong t???p S??? m???t ng??? c???a l???a - n???i lo toan c??ng gian nan c?? h??n c???a n?????c , c???a c???ng ?????ng c?? nhi???u b??i hay, t??? l??? b??i hay tr??n t???ng l?????ng b??i v??o lo???i cao nh???t. B??i "C??u h???i cu???i ng??y" nh?? m???t ??m ???nh v??? s??? tha h??a".
????ng l?? ph???i b???t m??i v??? s??? b??nh th???i "con v???t hai ch??n n??y!
"Ng??n thay c??i m??i v?? duy??n
V??n Chinh n???nh th???i, con thuy???n ca ve!
Vi???t th??? n??y m?? V??n Chinh c??n t??n t???ng, tung h?? " ?????ng c???p" th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u!
V?? l???i Nguy???n Quang Thi???u thu???c lo???i h?? kh???u hi???u, d??i d??ng v??n t???, s??o, s???n, nh???t, ???n ??o, l???n x???n:
"Ng?????i ????n b?? c??m ??i qua nh???ng ng??n t??? nguy???n r???a
Nh???ng ng??n t??? k???p nh?????c v?? l???a d???i ng??y ng??y tr??n ?????u l?????i ch??ng ta
C??m l???ng x??e hai b??n tay ph??? che l??n m??nh m??ng c???a n???i ??au ch??? ?????i.."
Ba c??u v?? l???i tr??n c?? 42 ti???ng kh??ng n??i l??n ???????c ??i???u g?? r?? r??ng, ch??? mung lung chung chung, t?? m??! Kh??ng s???ng ???????c n???a gi??y!
Trong khi ??ng cha ta ch??? hai c??u th??, 14 ti???ng th?? s???ng ?????n h??ng ngh??n n??m:

T???c s???
X?? t???c l?????ng h???i lao th???ch m??,
S??n h?? thi??n c??? ??i???n kim ??u.
????? Ho??ng d???ch:

Tr???n Nh??n T??ng
X?? t???c hai phen ch???n ng???a ????
N??i s??ng mu??n thu??? v???ng ??u v??ng!

Th?? Haiku Nh???t B???n:
????????? (fu-ru-i-ke ya)
???????????? (ka-wa-zu to-bi-ko-mu)
????????? (mi-zu no o-to)
D???ch ti???ng Vi???t:
ao x??a;
???ch nh???y v??o
ti???ng n?????c xao
H???t s????ng
Tr??n ch??u
Hi???n c??? h????ng!
Vi???t d??i vi???t ng???n kh??ng quan tr???ng, b??i vi???t anh ph???i n??i ho???c g???i g???m ??i???u g?? c???a t???c l??ng. Cha ??ng ta khi c???n c??ng vi???t d??i:

???Th??? Tr??ng H??ng nh??? th??nh c???m ?? M?? Nhi chi chi???n ?????a,
D??? t??ch th???i Ng?? th??? ph?? L??u Ho???ng Thao chi c??? ch??u d??.???

Ngh??a l??:
Tr????ng H??n Si??u
B???ch ?????ng Giang ph?? (tr??ch)
???????y l?? chi???n ?????a bu???i tr??ng h??ng nh??? th??nh b???t ?? M??,
C??ng l?? b??i ?????t x??a, thu??? tr?????c Ng?? ch??a ph?? Ho???ng Thao.???
Nguy???n ????nh Chi???u - V??n t??? ngh??a s?? C???n Giu???c:
..."Ngo??i c???t c?? m???t manh ??o v???i, n??o ?????i mang bao t???u, bao ng??i,
Trong tay d??ng m???t ng???n t???m v??ng, chi n??i s???m dao tu, n??n g???.
H???a mai ????nh b???ng r??m con c??i, c??ng ?????t xong nh?? d???y ?????o kia;
G????m ??eo d??ng m???t ng???n dao phay, c??ng ch??m ?????ng ?????u quan hai n???
Chi nh???c quan Qu???n gi??ng tr???ng k??? tr???ng gi???c, ?????p r??o l?????t t???i, coi gi???c c??ng nh?? kh??ng.
M???c k??? th???ng T??y b???n ?????n nh???, ?????n to, x?? c???a x??ng v??o, li???u m??nh nh?? ch???ng c??.
K??? ????m ngang, ng?????i ch??m d???c, l??m cho m??? t??, m??? ??i h???n kinh.
B???n h?? tr?????c, l?? ?? sau, tr???i k??? t??u thi???c, t??u ?????ng s??ng n???.
Nh???ng l??m l??ng ngh??a sau d??ng, ????u bi???t x??c ph??m v???i b???.
M???t ch???c sa tr?????ng r???ng ch??? h???nh, n??o hay da ng???a b???c th??y;..."
My tongue, every atom of my blood, form???d from this soil, this air,
Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same,
I, now thirty-seven years old in perfect health begin,
Hoping to cease not till death
B??i h??t ch??nh t??i
...L?????i t??i, m???i nguy??n t??? trong m??u t??i l?? t??? ?????t ??ai, t??? kh??ng kh?? n??y
Sinh ra t??? cha m??? ??? ????y, v?? h??? c??ng sinh ra ??? ????y
N??m n??y t??i 37, c??i tu???i tr??n tr??? sinh l???c
V?? hy v???ng s??? kh??ng ng???ng cho ?????n ng??y t??i ch???t...
Song of Myself - L?? c??? - Leaves of grass
Walt Whitman
Nguy???n QuangThi???u v?? s??? l??m v?? l???i th?????ng hay khai th??c b???n n??ng nh???c d???c.
Th??? d??m b???nh ho???n:
"...V?? v???n nh??n th???y
M???t ng?????i ????n b??
T???m trong m???t toilet kh??ng c?? r??m che
K??? c??? nh?? tu???t h???t da th???t m??nh
V?? v???n nh??n th???y
Cu???c l??m t??nh ban ng??y
C???a nh???ng k??? th???t nghi???p
Trong ch??nh c??ng s??? c???a h???..."
V?? l???i c???a Nguy???n Quang Thi???u th??ch li???t k??, k??? l???. Li???t k??, k??? l??? th?? bi???t bao gi??? cho xong. M???t th?? gi??? v?? r???t v?? b???:
" M???t c??i c??y n??i
M???t c??i c??y c??n ng???
M???t c??i c??y ng???i ch???ng c???m
M???t c??i c??y ??ang ch???y
M???t c??i c??y l???c l?? h??t, r???i ?????n
M???t c??i c??y nh???y m??a"
C?? th??? vi???t ti???p ????n khi Qu??? ?????a c???u bi???n m???t:
.."M???t c??i c??y v??o nh?? ngh???
M???t c??i khom l??ng h??t karaoke
M???t c??i c??y dringbia
M???t c??i c??y ??m b?? gi?? l???c l??
M???t c??i c??y kh??c v?? T??u c???ng l???n chi???m bi???n ????ng..."
V?? l???i Thi???u to??n l???m nh???m, v?? c???t, v?? h???n!
V??n Chinh ti???p t???c t???ng ca v?? l???i Nguy???n Quang Thi???u: "Ngo??i c??c v???t li???u th?? b??nh th?????ng, c?? s???n ??? quanh m??nh, nh??: B?? g??a, b?? b???u, k??n tr??ng b??t aamcon ki???n, con r???n, con c?? b???ng , con mu???i...g???p chung l?? c??c lo???i c??n tr??ng, nh???ng b??ng t???i, nh???ng ????m g???n s??ng, d??ng s??ng, b???n c??t, th???m ch?? c?? nh???ng th??? ch??? l?? r??c, l?? ph??? th???i, th?? Nguy???n Quang Thi???u c??n d??ng c??y v?? c?? l??? n?? l?? m???t thi li???u ??ng y??u qu?? nh??t... C?? th??? coi nh???ng c??u th??, b??i th?? v??? c??y c???a ??ng nh?? nh???ng b???c k?? h???a, k?? h???a ?????n thu???c l??ng ????? khi ??ng v??? "C??y ??nh s??ng" (b???ng th??)"
V??n Chinh b???c th??m Nguy???n QuangThi???u, khen ??ng gi??o bu??n g??? H???i Ph??ng ti???n nhi???u nh?? qu??n Nguy??n, b???c th??m H???u Th??? ph???i v?? v??n ch????ng n?????c nh?? m?? ch??? v?? m???t ch??t l???i ??ch ri??ng c???a m??nh. ??i???u ???y b???n ?????c th???a bi???t. ??i???u ???y c?? h???i kh??n l?????ng cho v??n ch????ng. V??n Chinh b???c th??m nh???ng k??? c?? quy???n, nh???ng ?????a c?? b???c kh??ng kh??c g?? Ph???m Quang Trung t???ng b??? cong ng??i b??t ????? tung h?? nh???ng ????m th?? ph?? kh??ng ra g??:
"Ph???m Quang Trung ti???n s?? tr??u
C?? quy???n, c?? b???c th?? b??u khen ph??!"
????ng tr??ch, r???t ????ng tr??ch l???m thay!
H?? N??i ng??y 1 - 11 - 2019
?? - H

(*) B??i in tr??n t???p ch?? Nh?? v??n & T??c ph???m s??? 37, th??ng 9 +10/2019
(c??n n???a)

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