????? Ho??ng & Ki???u Th??

N??m 1996 trong gi???i v??n ch????ng ??? H?? N???i th???y b??n t??n nh??? to v??? t???p th?? ???T??m s??? ng?????i l??nh??? c???a ????? Ho??ng. T??i l??c ???y ch??a ???????c ?????c. Nghe ????u cu???n s??ch ???? ???? b??? thu h???i. C??ng l?? ng?????i l??nh tr??? v??? sau chi???n tranh, t??i t?? m?? mu???n coi cho t?????ng v?? mu???n bi???t t??c gi??? ????? Ho??ng.
????? Ho??ng  & Ki???u Th??

????? HO??NG V?? KI???U TH??

Nguy???n Tr???n Th??i
Ch??? nh???t ng??y 3 th??ng 10 n??m 2010 9:28 PM

         N??m 1996 trong gi???i v??n ch????ng ??? H?? N???i th???y b??n t??n nh??? to v??? t???p th?? ???T??m s??? ng?????i l??nh??? c???a ????? Ho??ng. T??i l??c ???y ch??a ???????c ?????c. Nghe ????u cu???n s??ch ???? ???? b??? thu h???i. C??ng l?? ng?????i l??nh tr??? v??? sau chi???n tranh, t??i t?? m?? mu???n coi cho t?????ng v?? mu???n bi???t t??c gi??? ????? Ho??ng.
   B???ng ??i m???t th???i gian. M???t bu???i chi???u t???i ???S??n 51??? n??i c?? tr??? s??? c???a U??? ban to??n qu???c Li??n hi???p c??c H???i v??n h???c, ngh??? thu???t Vi???t Nam ????ng, d?????i g???c c??y c??? th???, t??i u???ng r?????u c??ng m???y b???c ????n anh trong h???i. M???t ng?????i d??ng t???m th?????c, m???t ch??? ??i???n, t??c c???t g???n m???t ??en n??u, mi???ng t???m t???m, vai ??eo t??i ???d???t??? to, ch??ng s??? m??ng. Anh ?????n b??n nh?? th?? Ph???m Ti???n Du???t gh?? s??t v?? n??i ??i???u g?? ????. ?????y l?? nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng l???n ?????u t??i g???p. ???????c bi???t anh l??c ???y ??ang l??m bi??n t???p cho t???p ch?? ???Di???n ????n V??n Ngh??? Vi???t Nam???, th???i nh?? v??n H??? Ph????ng l??m t???ng bi??n t???p. H??m sau t??i t??m ?????n ????a cho ????? Ho??ng m???t ch??m th??, c??ng l?? ki???m c??? l??m quen. 
  R???i Ho??ng l???i th??i kh??ng l??m t???p ch?? ???Di???n ????n V??n Ngh??????. R???i anh l???i quay v??? l??m ti???p cho t???p ch?? ???? th???i nh?? th?? Ph???m Ti???n Du???t l??m t???ng bi??n t???p??? R???i anh l???i th??i??? R???i l???i v??? l??m cho t???p ch?? Nh?? v??n - H???i Nh?? V??n Vi???t Nam?????? R???i l???i lang thang, r???i l???i l??m bi??n t???p v?? l??m t??? A ?????n Z cho m???t s??? t???p ch?? ?????a ph????ng v?? chuy??n ng??nh c???a c???c v?? c??ng ty. Anh em g???i ????a ????? Ho??ng l?? T???ng bi??n t???p chui.
  ????? Ho??ng l?? m???t ???g????? g??n. V??o ch??n r?????u v??o l?? ???hung l???m??? n??i nhi???u, chi???m di???n ????n, ???????c c??i minh tri???t. Trong c??u chuy???n Ho??ng th?????ng c?? nh???ng d???n ch???ng ????ng, T??y, Kim, C??? sinh ?????ng v?? t?????ng t???n. M???i ng?????i v?? th??? m?? v??? n???.
  Th???nh tho???ng anh l???i k?? v??o m???t t???p s??ch t???ng t??i. M???t l???n anh ??em ?????n t???ng t??i t???p th?? ???Tu?? Th?? Ca???. Anh tuy???n d???ch t??? th?? ???????ng c???a Trung Qu???c. L???i c??n th??? n???a ch???! S??? ho??i nghi k??ch th??ch t??i. T??i ?????c r???t ch???m r??i t???p th?? Ho??ng d???ch. Tr???i th???t l?? m???t con ng?????i ngang v?? g??n. S??? ngang g??n ????ng y??u. L???n ???y v??o n??m 2003 t???i qu??n bia Ch??a B???c c?? nh?? th?? V????ng T??ng C????ng, nh?? th?? Lam Huy Nhu???n. Ho??ng ?????c m???y b??i th?? ???????ng anh d???ch. Trong b??i ??? Chi???n th??nh Nam??? c???a L?? B???ch, c?? c??u : 
                        ???T???y binh ??i???u chi th????ng h???i ba 
                          Ph??ng m?? Thi??n S??n huy???t trung th???o???
  Ho??ng ph??ng b??t th??nh:
                           ???R???a g????m trong s??ng b??? d??u
                             Ng???a ??n c??? m??u t???n ?????u Thi??n S??n???  
  T??i kh??ng n??n ???????c s??? thc??n ph???c. Th???n qu?? ! D???ch nh?? th??? th?? th??i r???i. Th???t l?? t??i! T??? ???? t??i kh??ng nghi ng??? g?? n???a v??? c??i ki???n th???c H??n ng??? trong anh???
  T?????ng th??? r???i ??m ???, y??n v??? m?? l??m c??i c??ng vi???c s??ng t??c v?? bi??n t???p. Nh??ng kh??ng! ????ng m???t c??i, l???i th???y b??n t??n v??? Ho??ng d???ch th?? ??? th?? d???ch ??? th?????ng g???i l?? ???d???ch th?? Vi???t ra th?? Vi???t???. Anh d???ch th?? Vi???t c???a nh???ng nh?? th?? Vi???t, th?????ng l?? nh???ng t??c gi??? c?? t??n tu???i trong v??n ????n. Chuy???n n??y l??? l??ng, kh??ng th??? h??nh dung n???i trong con ng?????i ????? Ho??ng. L???i t?????ng nh?? tr?? ????a tinh ngh???ch? Nh??ng kh??ng! ????y ch??? l?? l???i ???ch??i??? r???t ????? Ho??ng m?? th??i!
  L???i ????ng m???t c??i! 
  Cu???i n??m 2009 Ho??ng ?????n t??m t??i. Anh h???i xem t??i c?? b???n d???ch v??n xu??i cu???n ???Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n??? c???a Thanh T??m t??i nh???n b??n T??u kh??ng? T??i b???o cho m?????n m???t r???i. T??i n??i v???i anh: ???N???u ??ng c???n th?? ?????n nh?? th?? B???ng Vi???t l?? c?? ?????y!???. T??i h???i ti???p: ??? ??ng ph??ng t??c th??nh ti???u thuy???t m???i ??????. Ho??ng t???m t???m: ???Kh??ng ! T??i ph??ng t??c th??nh ti???u thuy???t th?? m?? d??ng l???i th?? C??? phong ??? Th?? l???c b??t c??c c??? ta ???? s??ng t???o ra??????
  L???i t?????ng l?? tr?? ????a, ngh???ch ng???m! Ch???t ?????y! Ch???t nh?? b???n ch??? ch??? ch??i ????u! Th???t l?? m???t g?? li???u l??nh. C??y ?????i th???, Thi h??o Nguy???n Du ???Vi???t Ki???u ?????t n?????c ho?? th??nh v??n??? ???? to??? b??ng v?? ??m vang g???n ba th??? k???. N?? l?? c??i x????ng s???ng c???a n???n v??n h???c tr??? t??nh c???a n?????c nh?? v???i nh???ng ??ng th?? l???c b??t b???t h??? ???? sao! T??i kh??ng tin c??i l???i ch??i ???y c???a ????? Ho??ng. 
                                               *   *                                                          
   ????ng m???t c??i! 
   ????? Ho??ng g???p t??i v???n phong th??i ???y. V???n mi???ng t???m t???m c?????i nh?? ph???t ?????i. Anh r??t trong t??i ???d???t??? l???y ra m???t t???p s??ch, ????? t???ng t??i. ????y l?? t???p ti???u thuy???t th?? ???Ki???u Th????? Ho??ng ph??ng t??c t??? ???Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n??? c???a Thanh T??m T??i Nh??n (nh?? v??n c???a Trung Qu???c).

  L???i n??i v??? ???Ki???u Th????? c???a ????? Ho??ng. 
  H???t b??ng ho??ng n??y sang b??ng ho??ng kh??c! T??i v??i ?????u ?????c. L???i t?? m??, l???i hoang mang! T??i ?????c nghi??m t??c ???Ki???u th????? t???i b???n l???n. B??y gi??? th?? c??i ch??? quan c??? h???u c???a t??i v?? ki???n th???c ???n??ng c???n??? c???a t??i c??ng c?? ????i ??i???u v??? ???Ki???u Th????? c???a t??c gi??? ????? Ho??ng.

    Cu???n ti???u thuy???t th?? ???Ki???u Th????? c???a ????? Ho??ng, s??ch d??y 400 trang ???????c ph??ng t??c d???a tr??n cu???n ???Kim Van Ki???u??? c???a Thanh T??m T??i Nh??n. Ki???u Th?? ???????c vi???t b???ng v??n v???n. L???y th??? th?? ???L???c b??t??? di???n t??? to??n truy???n. ???Ki???u Th????? ???????c ????? Ho??ng ph??ng t??c d???a tr??n nguy??n b???n ch??? H??n c???a Thanh T??m T??i Nh??n. C??ng v???i c??ng tr??nh kh???o c???u, ch?? th??ch r???t c??ng phu, c???n th???n ???? t???o cho di???n m???o cu???n s??ch r???t nghi??m t??c. T??? nguy??n b???n ch??? H??n, Ho??ng s??ng t??c th??nh 6122 c??u th?? l???c b??t, g???p ????i s??? l?????ng th?? m?? c??? Nguy???n Du ???? ph??ng t??c. T??c ph???m c???a Thanh T??m T??i Nh??n ???? c?? t??c gi??? d???ch ra v??n xu??i. Sau khi Thi h??o Nguy???n Du ph??ng t??c b???ng th?? th?? c?? l??? ch??a ai d??m m???nh d???n d???ch b???ng th?? n???a. ???? g???n ba th??? k??? ??i qua, ?????n nay sau c??? Nguy???n Du th?? ????? Ho??ng c?? l??? l?? ng?????i th??? hai m???nh d???n d???ch v?? ph??ng t??c ???Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n??? ra b???ng th?? ???L???c b??t???. C?? ??i???u Ho??ng th??nh c??ng l?? trong cu???n ti???u thuy???t th?? c???a m??nh l?? Ho??ng ???? kh??ng r??i v??o ???Di???n ca???. Cu???n ???Ki???u Th????? ???????c chia th??nh 34 ch????ng. Ch????ng I l?? ???Gia th??? Ki???u?????? Ch????ng 34 l?? ch????ng k???t th??c ch????ng ?????o??n Vi??n???

  Trong ti???u thuy???t ???Ki???u Th????? c???a ????? Ho??ng ???? c?? s??? s??ng t???o r???t t??o b???o m?? h???p l??. Ki???u kh??ng c?? b??o o??n, Ki???u ch??? b??o ??n m?? th??i. ??i???u n??y c??ng ph?? h???p t??nh nh??n ?????o, bao dung truy???n th???ng c???a ??ng cha ta:
                                   ???Ki???u r???ng bay ch???t ai m??ng, 
                                     Nh??ng v?? ??n ngh??a tr???n gian n???ng n??? 
                                     L???n n??y h???t th???y tha v???, 
                                     T??? nay kh??ng ???????c h??nh ngh??? b???t l????ng!???  
  Th??m n???a ??o???n T??? H???i m???c m??u H??? T??n Hi???n. Trong nguy??n b???n Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n v?? trong Truy???n Ki???u c???a c??? Nguy???n Du th?? T??? H???i ch???t ?????ng gi???a tr???n ti???n, th???t l?? oan nghi???t:
???Tr?? nh?? ???? v???ng nh?? ?????ng,
Ai lay ch???ng chuy???n, ai rung ch???ng r???i.???
   Nh??ng trong Ki???u Th?? th?? T??? h???i b??? b???t s???ng. T??? H???i c??n h???i tho???i v???i quan T???ng ?????c h??? H???.
H??? T??n Hi???n n??i:
 ??? R???ng: Nghe d??ng tr?? h??n ng?????i
L???i r??nh ch??? ngh??a m???t th???i b??t nghi???n,
???? t???ng h???c ch??? Th??nh hi???n
M?? l??m th???o kh???u cu???ng ??i??n th??? n??y?
T??? H???i ????p:
???L??? g?? c??i l?? quan d??m,
Mi???ng h?? Thi??n t??? dao ????m tim ng?????i,
Thuy???n r???ng d???n s??ng xe ch??i,
M???t ph?????ng ??n m??u mu??n ?????i d??n ??en.
L???p c??ng n???p v??y k??? h??n,
C??? kim, s??? s??ch ai khen bao gi???!???
 T??i kh??ng kh???i ng???c nhi??n v?? t??n ph???c ????? Ho??ng. ????y l?? s??? s??ng t???o r???t ????? Ho??ng nh???m h?? l??? kho???ng k??n khi???n ch??ng ta ph???i suy ngh??.
    Khi s??ng t???o ra Truy???n Ki???u, c??? Nguy???n Du v?? th???i th???, v?? ho??n c???nh l???ch s??? C??? ch??a d???ch h???t, nay ????? ho??ng ???? c?? c??ng phu phi??n ??m H??n Vi???t d???ch ra v??n xu???i v?? d???ch th?? ?????ng ????? ch??ng ta th??m t?????ng n???i dung cua Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n v??  Truy???n Ki???u.
   ??? nguy??n b???n t??c ph???m Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n c?? g???n 1 000 c??u th?? do Ki???u vi???t 572 c??u, Th??c Sinh vi???t 110 c??u, S??? Khanh vi???t 8 c??u, Gi??c Duy??n vi???t 4 c??u v?? 44 c??u c???a T???ng Ng???c. C??n r???t nhi???u th?? trong Kim V??n Ki???u truy???n: lu???n v???b???c m???nh, th?? tr??n c??y, th?? v???nh, th?? th?? t???c, th?? vi???t ??? c???a quan??? ????? Ho??ng d?? d???y c??ng phu phi??n ??m H??n vi???t v?? d???ch ra th??.????y l?? ?? t?????ng m?? c??ng l?? s??? th??? s???c b??t l???c c???a anh! 
  T??i kh??ng bao gi??? c?? h??m ?? sao snhs hai nh?? th???????u g???c mi??ng Trung n?????c Vi???t. H??? ???? c??ch nhau g???n ba th??? k???. S??? kh??c bi???t v??? ho??n c???nh x?? h???ic??ng nh?? s??? h???n ch??? c???a m???i th???i ?????i. Song c??c t??c gi??? c?? s??? t????ng ?????ng- h??? ?????u y??u qu?? ti???ng Vi???t, h??? ???? c?? s??? ????ng g??p t??ch c???c v?? l??m phong ph?? cho ti???ng Vi???t v?? nh??n c??ch Vi???t.  ????? Ho??ng sinh gi???a th??? k??? XX v?? ??ang s???ng ??? ?????u th??? k??? XXI. Anh qu?? g???c Qu???ng B??nh ???? t???ng ??i l??nh, l??m gi??o h???c trong qu??n ?????i. L?? b??? ?????i tr???c ti???p chi???n ?????u ??? chi???n tr?????ng. ????? Ho??ng c??n l?? nh?? b??o, nh?? th??, nghe n??i c??n l?? nh?? kinh t??? n???a???
   Ho??ng ??i r???t nhi???u n??i. Cu???c ?????i l??m l??nh, l??m b??o???? ????a b?????c ch??n anh t??? ?????a ?????u T??? qu???c ?????n ch??t m??i C?? Mau v?? nh???ng h??n ?????o xa x??i c???a ?????t Vi???t. Ho??ng c?? s???c h???c th???t phong ph??. Ti???ng Nga m???t ch??t, ti???ng Ph??p m???t ch??t, ti???ng Anh m???t ch??t, Th??i, L??o m???t ch??t??? Ri??ng H??n ng??? th?? th???t d???i d??o. Ho??ng ?????c nhi????. Anh l?? thi s??? song c??ng g???n v???i gi???i nghi??n c???u ph?? b??nh???
   ????? Ho??ng thu???c nhi???u ??m ti???t v?? ti???ng ?????i ph????ng c??ng v???i phong t???c t???p qu??n t???ng v??ng.
     Trong b??i th?? t??? tuy???t ???Xu???t t??i ??? Ra ???i) c???a V????ng X????ng Linh th???i ???????ng (Trung Qu???c) c?? c??u:
???????n s??? Long Thanh phi t?????ng t???i,
B???t giao H??? m?? ????? ??m S??n.
Ho??ng d???ch:
(N???u c?? t?????ng t??i nh?? L?? Qu???ng,
??m S??n kh??ng c?? ng???a H??? r??)
  Ch??? ???r????? l?? ch?? x??t ??? ti???ng mi???n Trung d??ng ??? ho??n c???nh n??y l??m cho ch???t l?????ng b??i th?? d???ch n??ng cao. ????? Ho??ng ???? k???t h???p ???????c ki???n th???c s??? v?? ??i???n t??ch Trung Hoa v?? s??? v???n d???ng ti???ng ?????i ph????ng m???t c??ch nhu???n nhuy???n th???t l?? kh??o!

              Ki???u Th?? c???a ????? Ho??ng ???? ??em ?????n cho ta m???t s??? h???ng th?? v?? ?????c bi???t l?? t??c gi??? ???? d??y c??ng nghi??n c???u, phi??n ??m H??n Vi???t,d???ch th?? c??? ho???c ???????ng thi m?? b???y l??u ch??ng ta c??n ch??a bi???t
   C??ng tr??nh Ki???u Th?? c???a ????? Ho??ng ??u c??ng l?? m?????n x??a n??i nay. Ch??ng ta s??? ???????c s??ng t??? khi ?????c ph???n k???t.
              Nh??ng ng???c c??n t?? v???t n???a l?????
    H??n 6 000 c??u th?? l???c b??t c???a Ki???u Th?? l??m sao tr??nh kh???i nh???ng c??u c??n ??? d???ng ch??a g???t r??a. Di???n gi??i ????i ch??? ch??a th???t c?? ?????ng
   Kh??ng c??n nghi ng??? g?? n???a! Ki???u Th?? l?? m???t t??c ph???m nghi??m t??c. N?? ???? ch???ng minh cho s???c s???ng tr?????ng t???n c???a th??? th?? l???c b??t m?? ch??? c?? d??n t???c Vi???t ta m???i c??. N?? ????ng g??p cho ng??n ng??? su???t chi???u d??i l???ch s??? ?????t n?????c v???i nh???ng phong t???c t???p qu??n v???i nh???ng nh??n c??ch r???t Vi???t Nam.
H?? N??i th??ng 9 n??m 2010
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