Cu???c chi???n Nam B???c Vi???t Nam, huynh ????? ...

CU???C CHI???N HUYNH ????? NAM B???C VI???T NAM ??? 40 N??M NH??N L???I (1975 ??? 2015)

???T??M S??? NG?????I L??NH??? T??? B??NG R??M CHI???N KHU ?????N QU???NG TR?????NG PH???N T???NH C???A L????NG TRI

(Vi???t v??? nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng )

Nguy???n Ho??ng ?????c

T??i g???p nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng l???n ?????u ti??n ??? nh?? t??i, anh ??i c??ng nh?? v??n Nguy???n ????nh Ch??nh ?????n ????? m???i t??i gi??? ch??n bi??n t???p trang l?? lu???n cho t???p ch?? V??n H???c Ngh??? Thu???t (nh??ng vi???c kh??ng th??nh).
Tri???t gia, v??n s?? Nguy???n Ho??ng ?????c
CU???C CHI???N HUYNH ????? NAM B???C VI???T NAM ??? 40 N??M NH??N L???I (1975 ??? 2015)

???T??M S??? NG?????I L??NH??? T??? B??NG R??M CHI???N KHU ?????N QU???NG TR?????NG PH???N T???NH C???A L????NG TRI          
                               (Vi???t v??? nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng )
                                   Nguy???n Ho??ng ?????c

        T??i g???p nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng l???n ?????u ti??n ??? nh?? t??i, anh ??i c??ng nh?? v??n Nguy???n ????nh Ch??nh ?????n ????? m???i t??i gi??? ch??n bi??n t???p trang l?? lu???n cho t???p ch?? V??n H???c Ngh??? Thu???t (nh??ng vi???c kh??ng th??nh). C???m gi??c ?????u ti??n c???a t??i v??? c??c nh?? th?? n??i chung l?? c??i g?? nh??n nh???o, ???o l???, y???u ???t, t?? t???n, ham vui, ?????ng b??ng. V?? nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng tr?????ng ban bi??n t???p th?? c???a T???p ch?? Nh?? v??n d?????ng nh?? c??n v?????t qua c??? m???c ????, anh sinh ra ??? Qu???ng B??nh n??i ng?????i ta n??i nh?? h??t, r???i ??i l??nh v??o Hu??? n??i h??t c??n nhi???u h??n n??i, r???i anh l???i l?? nh?? th?? ng??m nga l???i l??, th??nh th??? gi???ng c???a anh c??? v??ng v??ng ng??n ng???t m???t th??? ch?? nh??o cho qu?? nhi???u ???????ng??? th??nh th??? sau khi g???p v??i l???n t??i c??? m???c ?????nh, l???i m???t ??ng nh?? th?? h??m h???p kh??ng n??n ch???p.
Th???i gian sau, ?????c bi???t khi anh g???i v???i t??i, t??i d???ng l???i m???t c??ch khi??n c?????ng g?????ng g???o c?? ch??t ki??u k???. T??i ???? c???m cu???n th?? d???ch ???Chinh Ph??? Ng??m??? c???a anh. M???c d?? tr?????c ???? t??i ???? nghe v?? ?????c nh???ng b??i th?? anh d???ch l???i c??? ti???ng Vi???t, t??i v???n cho l?? th??? ???th???a c??ng r???i ngh??????. T??i ?????c ???Chinh Ph??? Ng??m??? c???a anh v???i ?? ?????nh: h??y c??? b??? ch??t ?????nh th???i gian xem tay n??y c??ng ph?? th???n t?????ng ra sao? Tri???t gia Nietzsche c?? n??i: ???R???i m???t ng??y h???c tr?? s??? ph???n th???y, v?? ch??nh h???c tr?? c??ng c?? s??? m???nh ph???i l??m th???y???. ?????c xong, t??i ng???c nhi??n v?? nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng ??t nh???t l?? ???? lu??n b???i vi???c th?? ra ????? l??m v???i m???t t??nh y??u t??? nhi??n kh??ng th??? n??o s???ng n???i n???u kh??ng h??t th??? th??. Th??? hai, anh ???? d??m c??y x???i l???i lu???ng c??y ???? ?????nh h??nh c???a c??c th???n t?????ng ????? l??m n??n v??? m??a m???i c???a m??nh.
Th???i gian tr??i ??i kh??ng l??u, t??i nh???n th???y trong con ng?????i c???a ????? Ho??ng kh??ng ????n gi???n l?? m???t t??m h???n ng?? nga th?? ph?? ki???u ch?? ???????ng, m?? l?? m???t con ng?????i r???t c?? b???n l??nh th??. R???t c???ng r???n! R???t d??ng c???m! V?? h??m nay t??i quy???t ?????nh vi???t v??? anh sau khi ???? ?????c t???p th?? ph???n chi???n r???t s???m c???a anh c?? t??n ???T??m s??? ng?????i l??nh???. C??y n??o qu??? n???y, ch??ng ta th??? xem c??i c??y ????? Ho??ng l?? g???
   ????? Ho??ng tr?????c h???t kh?? gi???i ti???ng Trung, c?? c??? kho t??ng th?? c??? trong ng?????i. T??i ???? nghe anh n??i ti???ng Anh, b??nh th?? c?? ti???ng Ph??p, l???i c??n nh???n tin cho t??i b???ng ti???ng Nga. Ri??ng v??? v???n th??, t??i g???p ba ng?????i l??m t??i ????ng n??? v?? lu??n cho r???ng h??? gi???u v???n th?? nh???t Vi???t Nam, ???? l??, ????? Ho??ng, Nguy???n H??ng Qu???c v?? Tr???n M???nh H???o.

                    alt           alt
                        Nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng v?? t???p th?? T??m s??? ng?????i l??nh
         ???? m???i l?? v???n th??! Nh??ng c??n ?? ch?? th??, s???c s???ng th??, v?? b???n l??nh th??. ????? Ho??ng l?? m???t quan ch???c th?? s???ng gi???a m??i tr?????ng th?? m???u d???ch, v???y m?? anh d??m s???ng v?? s??ng t??c, b??nh th?? nh?? m???t ng?????i c?? ????n. C?? ????n l?? m???t c??i g?? h???t s???c t?? t??i ?????c bi???t l?? trong n???n v??n h??a ti???u n??ng c???c k??? l???c h???u v?? b?? ph??i c???a Vi???t Nam. Nh?? th??, nh?? v??n h??a Inrasara ???? n??i, c??c nh?? th?? Vi???t r???t s??? b??? c?? ????n v?? c?? l???p. Ch??ng ta bi???t trong n???n v??n h??a ti???u n??ng gi???u t??nh c???c b??? ????? k??? c???a n?????c nh??, ng?????i ta d??? d??ng b??? r??i t???p ??o??n, ????nh h???i ?????ng v??o c?? nh??n n??o mu???n c?? c?? t??nh hay ?????nh ch??i ch??i. Ng?????i ta c?? th??? ?????ng lo???t y??u, ?????ng lo???t gh??t, ?????ng lo???t bao v??y, nh???t qu??n trong c??? h??nh ?????ng c?? l???p hi???u ??? h???, ????ng b??i hay r??t b??i??? t??m l???i r???t ti???u nh??n. V???y m?? ????? Ho??ng d??m ph?? ph??n nhi???u nh?? th??, n???n th?? b???ng c??ch kh??ng ng???i  ch??? t???n tay day t???n tr??n, nh??: ??????c??i V??n ch????ng M???u D???ch d??? h??i ng??? tr??? v??n ????n h??n 5 th???p k???. Ai c??ng bi???t nh??ng kh??ng ai d??m n??i. Nguy???n Ho??ng ?????c ?????p Thanh Th???o l?? ????? ?????p v??o ngh??n th??? h??? n??i leo ??n theo, khen b???a, khen ???u, n??i l??o. T??? h???i nh???t l?? nh???ng ti???n s??? b??, h???c gi???, h???c th???t nh?? ????? Lai Th??y, H??? Th??? H??, Ph???m Quang Trung, V??n Gi??, Chu V??n S??n v?? ??ng th???p h???c Ph???m Xu??n Nguy??n kh??ng l??m ???????c c??i ti???n s??? V???t??????

Tr?????c khi n??i v??? th?? ????? Ho??ng, t??i mu???n b??n qua v??? b??t ph??p k???o l???i r??i v??o t??y ti???n khen ??? ch?? kh??ng chu???n ????ch:
1-    T???m v??c c???a nh?? th?? (c??? nh?? v??n, v?? c??c lo???i nh??) ???????c x??c ?????nh ?????u ti??n b???ng t??nh ????? t??i. ????? t??i chim, hoa, c??, l??, g??i th?? kh??ng th??? l???n b???ng ????? t??i c???a th??? gi???i, con ng?????i, chi???n tranh hay h??a b??nh. ????? t??i sinh h???at vi m?? ??n ng??? h??t h??t g??i g?? th?? kh??ng th??? b???ng c??c ????? t??i ?????u ti??n ???? l?? Sinh ??? T??? c???a con ng?????i.
2-    Th?? hay kh??ng ph???i c??? vi???t b???ng b??t ph??p ph??ng ?????i b???t n??? v???ng l??n. Th?? hay lu??n ph???i ???????c d??ng c??i h?? c???u k???t h???p v???i t??nh ch??n th???c. Ch???ng h???n hai c??u th?? v??o lo???i hay nh???t c???a T??y v?? ????ng:
                ???Anh c??ng t??i kh??ng m???t xu d??nh t??i
                   V???n mua ???????c h????ng th??m c???a c??? tr??i ?????t n??y??? (Whitman)
                    ???M??i ch??o c???t v??m tr???i tr??n s??ng bi???c
                    Thuy???n l?????t l??n tr??ng theo d??ng n?????c n???i??? (Gi??? ?????o)
????? Ho??ng l?? m???t ng?????i l??nh, nh??ng th?? anh kh??ng ch??? ????n gi???n h??nh qu??n ra chi???n tr?????ng ????? nh???m b???n v?? ?????m x??c c??? qu??n th?? l???n qu??n ta. Nh?? v??n B???o Ninh ???? t???ng ???????c b??o ch?? ph????ng T??y ????nh gi?? r???t cao khi g???i l?? ???cu???c ph???n t???nh ?????u ti??n c???a chi???n tranh??? ( The first reflexion of the war). H??? ????nh gi?? cao v?? cho ???? l?? m???t ngo???i l??? kh??c h???n c??c nh?? v??n ??n tem phi???u ch??? vi???t theo ?????nh h?????ng ta ????? ?????ch ??en, ta t???t ?????ch x???u, ta ch??nh ngh??a ?????ch phi ngh??a, ta kh??n ngoan ?????ch nham hi???m, ta to ?????ch b??, ta tr?????c ?????ch sau, ta chi???n th???ng vinh quang ?????ch th???t b???i ?? ch???. V???y th?? c?? l??? ????? Ho??ng l?? m???t trong nh???ng nh?? th?? h??ng ?????u ????? s??? vi???t v??? ph???n chi???n.
Tri???t gia Kant c?? l??? l?? ng?????i ?????u ti??n n??u ra kh??i ni???m ???C??ng d??n nh??n lo???i???. C??ng d??n ???? l?? ng?????i ???? v?????t kh???i l???n ranh bi??n gi???i, con ng?????i ai c??ng l?? ng?????i, khi ng?? xu???ng th?? ?????u l?? m???t nh??n m???ng thi???t vong, ng?????i l??nh n??ng d??n ??? ph??a B???c b???n ch???t ng?????i l??nh n??ng d??n ??? ph??a Nam, r?? r??ng c??? hai ng?????i ch??? l??m theo m???nh l???nh c???a c???p tr??n, h??? ?????u l?? giai c???p n??ng d??n, kh??ng c?? chuy???n h??? l?? k??? th?? giai c???p c???a nhau.
Trong t??m h???n nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng, m???i ??u t?? v??? nh??n lo???i bao gi??? c??ng l??n cao nh???t, n?? kh??ng ch??? l?? ?????nh cao m?? l?? h??? th???ng, l?? con ???????ng d???ng d???c ch???y l??n ?????nh, ch??? kh??ng ph???i m???y tho??ng ch???c b???ng b???t vu v??. ????? Ho??ng ??u t?? v?? b???c b???ch, s??? r???ng con ng?????i s??? qu??n ??i b??i h???c m???t m??t c???a chi???n tranh:
 Khi chi???n tranh ??i xa,
Cu???c ?????i h???i sinh l???i.
???? ai hi???u cho m??,
C?? m???t th???i d??? d???i!
Th?? t??i r???i s??? ch???t,
Nh?? cu???c ?????i c???a t??i.
Qua th??ng n??m tr???n m???c,
Th???i gian qu??n con ng?????i!
( TH???I GIAN QU??N       11 ??? 1973)
M???i ??u t?? c???a ????? Ho??ng th?????ng g???n v???i nh???ng g?? k??? v??, nh???ng nh??n quan v?? tr???, nh???ng suy ngh?? g???n li???n v???i nguy??n l?? s???ng c??n:
NG??? QU??N
Kh??ng c?? m???t tr???i,
Tr??i ?????t ng??? qu??n.
Trong tri???u n??m b??ng gi??!
Kh??ng c?? con thuy???n,
D??ng s??ng ng??? qu??n.
V?? t??? xo?? m??nh khi v??? bi???n c???!
Kh??ng c?? ng?????i?? ??i,
Con ?????????ng ng??? qu??n .
R???i c??ng tan v??o c??y c???!
Kh??ng c?? t??nh y??u,
Tr??i tim 
ng??? qu??n.
     Hu??? 1983
Anh ra tr???n v???i m???t c??y s??ng d?????ng nh?? c??ng kh??ng c?? ???????c gi???c ng??? thi???p l???m c???a s???t th??p v?? tri m?? n?? lu??n ??u t?? v?? s??? ??i???m h???a c???a m??nh. ??u t?? v??? m???t chi???n tr?????ng n???m gi???a h??? th???m y??u b???o l???c c???a c??? m???t th??? gi???i c??n hi???u s??t. V?? suy t?? tr??n t???m r???ng l???n n??n l???i th?? c???a anh r???t h??o s???ng m???nh m???:
T??i ???? h??nh qu??n d?? chi???n d?????i ????y cu???c ?????i l???p l???p chi???n binh.
M???i nh??n r?? tr??i tim ??en ng??m h??n h???ng s??ng.
M???i bi???t ch???ng c?? g?? t???t ?????p nh?? nh???ng tri???t l?? r??m ngh??n ?????i m???ng t?????ng.
M???i m???t ng??y tr??i tim th??m n???i ??au th????ng!
Ngh?? v??? cu???c ?????i h??m nay
Ng?????i l??nh kh??ng th??? d???ng d??ng.
Kh??ng th??? h?????ng n??ng s??ng m??nh theo nh???ng l???i gi??? d???i.
Kh??ng th??? d???i kh??? h??nh qu??n ??i t???i
T??? ?????a chi???n tr?????ng b??? v???c c???a chi???n tranh!
  ( NGH?? V??? CU???C ?????I H??M NAY)
T??nh y??u v?? th????ng x??t trong chi???n tranh m???i ch??? l?? c???m x??c thu???n t??y gi??nh cho nh???ng g?? ???? m???t ??? c???p ????? t??nh c???m, nh??ng ????? c?? ph???n t???nh ng?????i ta ???? ph???i leo l??n r???t cao ??? t???ng l?? tr??. Ch??nh ????? Ho??ng ???? b??y t??? cu???c s???ng suy t?? trong s??ng t???o c???a m??nh:          
   T??i ???? ??i ?????n c??i th???c ch???t b??n trong c???a cu???c ch???n ?????i n??y
C??i th???c ch???t m?? s??? s??ch, th?? v??n ??????ng kim ng?????i ta ch??a h??? n??i ?????n.
M???c d?? b??o ch??, loa ????i ra r??? su???t ng??y ????m.
Cu???c ?????i ??i! Ch???ng c?? g?? qu?? m???n
N???u con ng?????i ch???ng c?? ngh?? suy ri??ng!
( TH???C CH???T CU???C CHI??N)
C??i nh??n ?????u ti??n c???a ????? Ho??ng d?????ng nh?? lu??n c?? t???m nh??n bao qu??t ??? tr??n cao, tr?????c khi nh??n th???y ?????ng ?????i c???a m??nh anh lu??n th???y s??? ph???n c???a nh??n lo???i ??ang l???m than m???t m??t trong chi???n tranh. M???t ng?????i l??nh ng?? xu???ng d?? ??? b??n n??o li???u khi bi???t tin m??? anh ta c?? ??au x??t kh??ng ? V?? ch??nh l?? gic ???? ????? Ho??ng lu??n nh??n xa tr??ng r???ng v??? m???t th??? gi???i ph??? b??ng tang th????ng qua nhi???u bi??n gi???i chi???n tranh :
????m nay ai kh??ng ng????
Ngh?? s??? ph???n lo??i ng?????i.
H???n th?? ??ang c??n ng???,
M???y tri???u ?????i ch??a th??i!
Tr??i ?????t ??en m???t n???a,
Bom ?????n g??m ?????y m??nh.
Nh???ng ???????ng g????m ly lo???n,
??ang ch??m n??t h??nh tinh!
     (  S??? PH???N LO??I NG?????I)
????? Ho??ng ???? ?????t ra cho m??nh c??ng nh?? lo??i ng?????i nh???ng c??u h???i r???t l???n, nh???ng c??u h???i mang t???m v?? m??, h???i v??? con ng?????i v???i b???n t??nh ?????u ti??n, xem c?? ph???i ???? l?? th??? t??m h???n hi???u s??t ch??? ????i ??n th???t ?????ng lo???i:
bao nhi??u tri???u n??m ta m???i c?? ???????c ch??? Ng?????i
     - d???n ta t???i nh???ng t??nh y??u k??? l???
     - d???n Ta t???i c??i c??m h???n nghi???t ng??
tr??n h??nh tinh n??y n???a tr???ng, n???a ??en.
 ( LO??I NG?????I)
Sau c??u h???i v??? th??? gi???i t???n t???i trong kh??ng gian l?? c??u h???i v??? th???i gian, v??? th???i ?????i m?? t??c gi??? ??ang s???ng v?? h??nh qu??n, v??? nh???ng tr???n chi???n l??m ????? m??u nh???ng ng?????i l??nh c??? qu??n ta l???n c??ng d??n nh??n lo???i. B??n n??y hay b??n kia chi???n tuy???n ??, h??? ch???ng l?? nh???ng con ng?????i sao ?
th??? k??? hai m????i
con ng?????i ??? ????u c??ng t??n ??c nh?? nhau!
????u ph??n bi???t b??n kia b??? chi???n tuy???n!
?????t b???ng n??y
s???n s??ng, s???n dao
s???n nh???ng l???i ?????i ??en ra tr???ng!
c??i ch???t ??? ????y
n??o c?? kh??c g??.
ph??t s??ng b??n n??y, ph??t s??ng b??n kia.
  ( TH??? K??? HAI M????I )
????? Ho??ng gi??nh cho nh???ng ?????ng ?????i c???a m??nh c??i nh??n th???t y??u th????ng v?? tr??u m???n. th???m ch?? m???t n???i ??au c??n ?????n tr?????c n???i ??au:
L??nh l???i v??o ?????y b???n.
Ch??? chuy???n qu??n b???m t??m c??? ch??n tr???i
M??a ????ng ??i ra tr???n,
C?? ??nh m???t n??o vui!
 Ng??y mai kh??ng bi???t n??i n??o ????nh?
 Nh???t ?????nh c?? ng?????i ph???i ch???t oan!
M???t c??i nh??n kh??ng ch??? lo l???ng vi???c sinh t??? m?? c??n l?? th??? t??nh c???m t??n phai tr???ng v???ng hoang vu ph??a t??nh y??u. M???t c??i g?? th???t x??t xa:
Anh h??nh qu??n qua nh???ng l??? ?????i ch???t h???p.
N???ng phai m??u qu??n ph???c tr??i tim anh.
V?? em ??? ! Em ?????ng th????ng t?????ng ti???c.
M???t con ng?????i trong ?????i l??nh chi???n chinh!
????? Ho??ng suy t?? r???t r??o v??? k???t c???c c???a cu???c chi???n, k??? th?? ch???t, ng?????i tr??? v??? th?? kh??nh ki???t s???c l???c v?? m???t m??t. M???t m???t m??t kh??ng n???m trong chi th??? m?? c??n b??? v???t ki???t  trong c??? m?? ?????c. M???t l??ng qu?? kh??ng c??n ??nh l???a th???p l??n ngh??a l?? d?????ng nh?? kh???ng c?? c??? ??nh s??ng cho t?? duy, c??n ng?????i l??nh r???u r?? quay v??? li???u c?? c??n sinh l???c cho nh???ng ?????c m?? ?
m??? hi???n ????n anh,
m???t ng?????i tr???ng b???nh.
qua v???n n??m ch??a ai ch???a cho l??nh!
b??y gi??? anh kh??ng mu???n t??m v??? ng?????i th??n,
b???i s???c l???c trong anh ???? ki???t.
tu???i y??u ??????ng ng??y x??a ????nh m???t,
tr??i tim v???t ch??m u b???m!
ph??a qu?? nh?? kh??ng m???t ??nh l???a th???p l??n.
bom ?????n x??o tr???n c??y s??ng b???n.
ng?????i l??nh t???n ng???n nh?? k??? ch??a h???i sinh s??? s???ng,
nh??n t???ng m??y ng?? ng??c gi???a tr???i qu??.
chi???n tranh,
chi???n tranh
l?? th??? kia!
l???a tu???i y??u ??????ng kh??ng c??n m?? ?????c.
        ( T??M S??? NG?????I L??NH )
L??nh t??? Stalin c?? n??i: chi???n tranh, ch???t ch??c nhi???u khi ch??? l?? nh???ng con s??? th???ng k??. Nh??ng nh?? th?? ????? Ho??ng kh??ng ngh?? v???y, c??i nh??n c???a anh l?? m???t nh?? th?? ph???i mang t??nh nh??n v??n, th?? anh d?????ng nh?? bao s??n ?????n t???t c??? nh???ng ng?????i l??nh, nh???ng kh??a c???nh v???t v???, gian lao, hy sinh, v?? anh kh??ng qu??n gi??nh c??i nh??n th???t th????ng x??t cho nh???ng c?? g??i ch??n y???u tay m???m, c??nh v??ng l?? ng???c ph???i l???m l??p c??t b???i kh??i l???a v??  hy sinh t??n kh???c c???a chi???n tr?????ng. Trong b??i ???L??nh G??i??? anh vi???t:
??o??n l??nh g??i ??o qu???n c??n m???i
L???a l??nh n??y ????a t???i mi???n trong.
H??? kh??ng h??? b??? ??eo g??ng,
M?? sao ??nh m???t m??nh m??ng n???i bu???n!
X????ng tr???ng ph??i n???o ra ti???n tuy???n
M??? g??i t?? di???u li???ng, ch???n giay!.
L???p n??y r???i l???p kh??c thay,
M??u c??? lau tr???ng r???n lay sa tr?????ng!
V?? c??i ch???t s??? ch??? m???i l???i,
Tr??n con ???????ng d???n t???i mi???n trong.
Chi???n tranh dai d???ng ch??a xong.
C??n bao nhi??u chuy???n ??au l??ng x???y ra!
R???i ????? Ho??ng kh??c than cho m???t ng?????i ?????p ng?? xu???ng b???ng m???t kh??c bi ca th???t tr??? t??nh tr??ng l???. M???t ti???ng kh??c khi???n ng?????i ta th???y chi???n tranh ???? t??n h???y v?? ti??u di???t c??? c??i ?????p ??au x??t ho??i ph?? ?????n nh?????ng n??o:
 C??I CH???T NG?????I ?????P
Em ch???t r???i.
Ng?????i ?????p!
Vi??n ?????n c???a th??? k??? n??o b???n em?
Anh s???ng s??? gi???a tr??i ?????t m??u ?????.
X??c em n???m trong huy???n ???o xa x??i.
Anh ??i tr??n tr??i ?????t c?? ????n.
Gi?? b???c l???nh th???i tung l??n ng???c n???.
X??c em n???m 
                     M???t h??nh tinh v???t b???.
V?? ng???a tr?????ng chinh l??nh ?????m d???m qua.
Anh kh??ng th??? n??o vi???t n???i l???i th??.
Kh??c em ????? lo??i ng?????i nguy???n r???a!
Trong v?? bi??n
                       M???ng em thua h???t c???.
Kh??c em 
            Anh ph???n l???i Tr?????ng T???n!
     Chi???n tr?????ng Qu???ng Tr??? th??ng  1 ??? 1974
Ng?????i Vi???t c?? c??u: c?? c???ng m???i ?????ng ?????u gi??, v???i v???n li???ng v??n h??a d???n d???y, d??i r???ng, s??u l???ng, v?? thi ca kim c??? ????ng t??y ????? s???, l???i mang m???t t???m nh??n l???n cho th??, m???t t???m v??c ho??nh tr??ng cho ch??? ngh??a, l??m g?? ????? Ho??ng ch???ng t??? tin v?? d??m t??? xung h???u ?????t ?????i m???t v???i l???c l?????ng l??m th?? m???u d???ch ????ng rinh r??c. C?? m???t ph??t hi???n m???i c???a lo??i ng?????i r???ng: s??ng t???o l?? vi???c c???a c?? nh??n ch??? kh??ng ph???i l??m vi???c l?? s???n ph???m c???a ????m ????ng. H??ng ngh??n, h??ng v???n ng?????i l??m vi???c c??ng kh??ng th??? ???????c g???i l?? s??ng t??c m?? ???? ch??? l?? s???n xu???t. Ch??nh th??? v??n th?? bao c???p nhi???u khi ch??? l?? ch??? kh??ng ng?????i. t??i v???a chia s??? s??? c?? l???p c???a ????? Ho??ng v???a bu???c ph???i th??n ph???c anh. N???u kh??ng c?? t??m h???n ch???u s??ng gi?? c?? l???p tr?????c ????m ????ng v???n v??o nh??n nh???o th?? l??m sao c?? ???????c m???t ????? Ho??ng th?? ca ho??nh tr??ng nh?? v???y, d??m l??m m???t c??y b??t h??ng ?????u ph???n t???nh l???i cu???c chi???n ???n???i da s??o th???t????! B??i ph???c! B??i ph???c!
                                                                          NH?? 30/94/2013

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